My bad experience with DoWed (once known as Bewitched) Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program !!!


In the year 2012 Aug, I enrolled myself for a “Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program” conducted by DoWed (once known as Bewitched Weddings).  The course instructor is Sherwin Lee (under company name Bewitched Weddings, he call himself Win Lee).

The course fee was $2,600 and it promised a career after the graduation. Therefore on the first day of the course, we have to sign an employment letter. As some of my classmate are working in similar industries, they are worried that by signing the letter, it might get them into trouble, but Sherwin Lee (also known as Win Lee under company name Bewitched Weddings) ensured us that he understands that we all have our full time jobs and that this is just a part-time freelance job for us.

Coming back to the course, it was a 5 month course, covering 15 topics. Each 2 hour lesson was $173 [it was a very expensive course as usually a 1 days course costs about $150 to $200 whereas this was just a 2 hour lesson]. Should we miss lessons due to business trips, vacations or work, there will be a free lesson make up.  An exam date was planned on 20th Nov 2012, followed by a one on one feedback and career prospects meeting with Sherwin Lee (Win Lee).DoWed wedding planner course

Today, I have no choice but to drop the course because I am totally disappointed by it and felt cheated due to the following empty promises they made:

– The company will print name card for us, never happened

– There would be transport arranged for us to go to the workshop location. It never happened

– We asked for his presentation slides to be sent to us, so that we can prepare for our exam, he agreed to do so but it never happened.

– After the wedding seminar, sales leads would be given to us. However, we only got the leads from the first seminar and it was given to us a weeks after that, when the hot leads turned cold.   Subsequent seminars just offered empty promises, I only received 2 leads from him, 1 lead is a fake, everytime I called, the phone connected  to an answering machine speaking in Cantonese, nevertheless I manage to bring in the other lead to meet with him.

– There was a sales kit given to us to equip us with the ability to do sales, but the sales kit we received is an obsolete sales kit. We all know weddings are planned one year ahead. Giving us the price list for the current year does not help. When we questioned it, he then told us that we were expected to build our own sales kits as he did not manage to get it from the vendor.  He has been in this business for 8 years and is the director of the company, so if he cannot get special prices from all the vendors, how on earth does he think that we can?  Even if we can, the question of why I should share my commission with him is raised especially if he did not do anything to help.  I even have to pay for my own course fees and the company does not play any part in aiding me.   This is the wedding planner package we receive from him: it is really unbelievable a professional wedding planner company does not have their own wedding package, they use a link that belongs to another company.

– There will be an exam and official certification, as agreed. Again, never happened

– A career in this business was promised, but how could that happen if there were no leads and no sales kits?

– The course schedule is only for show, the courses was never delivered completely and on time.

– Free make up lessons. Yes it was free. The actual lesson is 2 hour from 7pm to 9pm whereas the makeup was supposed to be 1 hour for me. But it was shortened to half an hour, at the last minute by Sherwin Lee (Win Lee)

DoWed weddingplannerThe courses were always cancelled at the last minute and also to make way for his personal holiday plans.  Sherwin Lee (Win Lee) never ran out of excuses to cancel the course on the course day itself. We would always receive a class cancellation SMS and reasons range from him falling sick, his dog falling sick, his office has no air-conditioning, his office is under renovation, he was meeting up with important clients [as if we are not important even after paying a $2,600 course fee], he was going on vacation to Japan and the USA [Laughable, isn’t it? He has time to go on vacations but no time to deliver the courses on schedule]…. Etc.  

Bad experience with DoWed course

The courses schedule consisted of 15 topics and he only managed to deliver 12. Up till today, 2 topics, 1 workshop and a field trip never did happen and these are topic he should covered.

Dowed course schedule scam

On the career aspect, he conducted 3 seminars and promised to give us all the leads before each seminar but nothing came after the first seminar.

In other words, we are in a dilemma where lack classes and a career.

We (the whole class) called for a meeting with him because we were all upset with the situation and during the meeting we were told that the course was fully delivered, much to our shock.

He then told us that he had only organized 1 seminar for each class, and after the seminar, he would have given the leads to the student and expect them to sell, but of course there was no usable sales kit given, so we could not make any sales and if there were no sales, he would not give us any more leads, meaning that it was the end of our career with him.

He then went on to tell us that because he liked our class, he had organized 2 more seminars for our class.  The problem is, we only got leads from the 1st seminar, whereas in the other 2 seminars, there were no leads given to us at all, so what does he mean when he says that he had organized 2 more seminars for us?  It only mean these seminars run anyway but it was never for us, he need that for himself.

His reason for not giving us the lead was because nobody but me had turned up for the seminar, therefore he believed that we were not interested even though he had told us that there was no need to attend all his seminar. So why had this suddenly turned into a reason for not giving any leads to us?

Not forgetting the fact that although I was the only one who turned up, I had not gotten any leads and he never explain why.


 So I realized everything was designed to make us fail.  Unlike the common practice in the sales  industry, there were no monthly sales targets for each of us, it was also not mentioned in the employment letter we signed.   Now I understand why,  because he knew for a fact that we would not be able to sell.  On the other hand as this is a common practice in the industry, he can use this to his benefit to paint a picture of us not being able to perform. 

The whole learn and earn program is a scam and many empty promises were made just to get us to sign up, when in reality, they had just wanted to make our money and hoped that we would walk away without asking questions.  This has been my whole experience with DoWed (once known as BeWitched Weddings) Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program.

I heard that they will be conducting another DoWed (once known as BeWitche Weddings) Academy in July 2013 and wedding planner career switch talk , so I hope that my reader learn a thing or two about the course after my sharing and that you make a wise decision when choosing this course.

Latest Important Update(13th Jul 2013):
He just terminated his company DoWed Wedding Planners and registered a new company under the name of  BeWitched Weddings, you can check via this link: , should you find Wedding Planner coures being sold under BeWitched Weddings, I am sure you know who is behind it….  

 DoWed scam academy course

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How to cure Shingles?

For in take:

  • Take 3 to 4 Sachets of Reserve daily
  • 2 AM in the morning
  • 2 PM at night
  • 2 Finiti in the morning and 2 at night

For application:

  • After shower
  • Apply serum on affected area
  • Apply Body Renewal on affected area

Patient recover in 2 days

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How to recover from Gout?

  • First 2 weeks 6 package of Reserve a day
  • After first week of consuming Reserve, tried beer and duck meat
  • On week 3, take 4 package a day for the next 1 month
  • After 1 month, should recovered fully and for maintaining take 2 to 3 package daily



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How to get rid of the dark spot on my cheeks?

Dark spot on the face

What should I do?

– Consume Reserve daily, one day 2 or 3 time & use the whole Jeunesse skincare range.

Day Time routine:

– Wash face with Youth Restorising Cleanser

– Apply left over Reserve on face

– Apply Cellular Rejuvenation Serum on face

– Apply Moisturizing Complex

Night Time routine:

– Apply Ultimate Lifting Masque (Perform this step only when you have more free time)

– Peel off the mask > Wash face with Youth Restorising Cleanser (Perform this step only after you apply Mask)

– Wash face with Youth Restorising Cleanser

– Apply left over Reserve on face

– Apply Cellular Rejuvenation Serum on face

– Apply Moisturizing Complex

– Wash face with Youth Restorising Cleanser

– Apply Cellular Rejuvenation Serum on face

– Apply Advanced Night Repair

The Fact:

Consuming Reserve to detox & cleanse liver to avoid continuous deposit of dark spots on cheeks.

Whole skincare range to rebuild skin layer by layer, erasing the old, replacing with baby new skin




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How to use the product to improve Kidney problem?

Kidney dialysis …

Take 1 sachet of Reserve to begin with.  You will encounter healing crisis, do not panic just be patien it will be over in weeks, when the condition improve, go on with Finiti to repair DNA.

Must remember no beans in diet .











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How do I get rid of the pus that grow on my body? If you have a pus growing on your body but you are not sure what it is and how it was form, not to worry, there is a cure to it.


What should I do now?

  • After shower apply Serum and Night Report Cream on it daily




Now you can see the pus inside is trying to come out and it grow a bit bigger, not to worry just continue the application and it will burst soon.

  • After it burst, apply Serum to heal and it leave no scar on your body.

Try it and see if it works the same for you too.

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Why do I have blemishes on my face after using Jeunesse skin care? Reason:

  • It is detoxing all the old stuff that are stuck under your skin from the past using BB cream and skincare with metals content.

Studio_20150710_185921What should I do now?

  • Increase your daily Reserve consumption to cleanse body internal system, e.g. if you take 2 package a day, increase to 3 per day.
  • Every time when you wash face, has to wash 2 times instead of 1 with Cleanser, leave the foam on face for 30 second on the second time wash, will help to detox faster.


  • Day Time routine:
    • After washing face apply left over Reserve on inflamed areas
    • Apply Serum
    • Apply Moisturizing complex
    • Put on your daily make up as per normal


  • Night Time routine:
    • After washing face apply left over Reserve on inflamed areas
    • Apply Serum
    • Apply Night Repair

It should clear in 1 to 2 week and have perfact skin after that

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How to take Reserve correctly to get the best out of it?