About Me

Hi all,

Welcome to my blog!!
I am Connie Connie, I have decided to have a blog because I believed in experence sharing.   I am a strong believer of it is not shameful to make mistake in life, we all learn from our mistake, the key thing is I will never repeat my mistake, I hope you do the same too.  

You may wonder why in my first post, I choose to talk about maids?  well to be very frank, I don’t have a clue myself.  Perhaps this has been in the back of my mind for a long time and I really wish to share these experiences that I had with you and hope it benefit you in some way. 

You will also find my sharing on one of my visit to a Time Share event, course that I have attended which I have wasted my time and money on, some sales news, upcoming events which you can participant during your free time with your family and friends and not to forget the “Exchange Station”, a place for you to exhcange things that you wish to get ride of with something you need at no cost.  Come take a look in the Exchange Station…. 

Hope you enjoy my sharing and that it has benefited you.