Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Should we judge a book by it’s cover? Today I was disgusted and angry to learn that a personal friend of mine, who is a perfectionist and a person who is very good at what he does best, is being kick out of a project just because he was term ugly by his team mates … Sigh.

He was rob of the opportunity to even show the team what value he may be to them. And to learn that just by having a beauty face can get you to place really make me sick.

The fact that for many years people are judge not base on their ability to perform a job but base on the look that one has. Being attractive does help you earn more money, find higher earning spouse and get better deals in term of jobs offer etc… Each of these facts has been demonstrated over the past years by economists and other researchers.

Women wanting to look beautiful is every women nature, but it is as much an issue now for men, in seeking for job opportunities, careers and promotions. Most cooperate companies are not only into products branding, but people branding too.

Just look at the servicing industry, for example the banks and the airlines industry, they all hired the best looking young recruits. Even in college and campus of late are catching up in this trend, I learn that there are students who will only attend certain courses, just because there is a cute and handsome lecturer in that class. They idolize the teacher or lecturer, just like the way they do towards any young pop stars.

You may ask why there is this kind of disparate treatment of look in so many areas of life? The answer is just a matter of simple prejudice in human and we are all guilty. Regardless of one professed attitudes, we as customers will prefer to buy from younger and better-looking salespeople, vote younger and better-looking politicians or team leaders. Students will rather learn from younger and better looking professors and teachers.

Some remedy this injustice by getting a plastic surgery or makeovers to improve their looks. But the true is, such refinements can only make a small differences in their life. All that spending may make them feel better, give them a upper hang in securing an interview but it doesn’t help them much in securing a job or a more desirable mate, especially if they do not process any elements of experiences, knowledges and skills.

There was a news, it happen in Korea, about a young couple, they both met at work. They were one beautiful couple and were enjoying beautiful family life. Until they have their first daughter. The daughter has some resembles of her father but non from her mother. When she turn ten years old, their daughter was looking more and more like it was someone else kid, with long jaw, pointy nose and small eyes. But little did their families and friends knew that their daughter actual has the look just like her mother when she was younger. That was because she have a plastic surgery done when she was young.

It is common in Korea for men and women to have plastic surgery, to look nice so that they stay equal in society. They know the price of beauty can get them very far in life. And it is a classic case of being able to alter one appearance under the knife by plastic surgery or make over but you can never alter the germ you have in you and that a fact nobody can change. Whatever happen to this family daughter I believe will most likely follow her mother’s foot step, going under the knife to get that perfect look. Does the child have a choice?

Sometime I asked myself this questions? Can we offer legal protections to the ugly as we do with racial, ethnic and religious minorities, women and handicapped individuals? I personally believe to legislate this kind of protection is not as difficult, but however, it is costly to engaged in a legal lawsuit, which not many can afford and that may be one reason why it is not possible.

Then there are questions also, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and “Ugliness” is not a personal trait that many people choose to embrace, those whom we classify as protected might not be willing to admit that they are ugly too. Which may be the another factor that it is hard to legislate a system to protect them. Perhaps there are lesson to be learn from the Koreans, by going under the knife to correct the imperfect to perfect, it may be costly and painful to go through, but it has a larger enough incentive if you want equal standing in society.

You might disagree and argue for protecting all deserving group. But I know my friend would have choose to go under the knife too, if only he has the money. I don’t have any remedy to it, do you?


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  1. Anna says:

    I think everyone like to look at pretty things…that’s why its the most important factor to gain fame in the entertainment world.

    However in real life (or commoner life), I have never heard a person who is very good with what he do, will be kicked out of a team because he does not have the looks. Perhaps, its more than looks?

    For guys, I always feel that charm & character win over looks all the time. I have known guys who is normal looking but can change gf like no one business because he has charisma. & in office, its important that the guy wear neatly & take care of his personal hygiene. I dunno who the guy is, but he need to stand firm with what he has & improve on areas that matter to him.


  2. Norman says:

    Hi Anna, sorry for the late reply and thank you for highlighting those points that might be some possibility that my friend might have. But neatness to say it is non of those in this case, I do not know how to tell you of a unpresentable image of my friend. All I can say and I use an example of a age different to example … the younger generation will want a old man to be part of their team, they feel that old mean jaded, old mean no new ideas and old mean not inn. And most time people judge on look not what the person has as an assets to them. I mentioned that if my friend has a choice to correct what is not perfect a human should be he will, but without much finaical support, there is nothing he can do but to live with this decimation the people has towards him. You might not believe but this is the fact of life.

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