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Why do I have break out after using Jeunesse skin care?



1) You must be using product like BB cream, foundation or powder that contain metals or lead.

2) Your body is trying to detox, our skin is the largest detox organ.  If toxins did not come out through bowel, it will come out through your skin.


What should I do now?

  • Increase your daily Reserve consumption to cleanse body internal system, e.g. if you take 2 package a day, increase to 3 per day.
  • Every time when you wash face, has to wash 2 times instead of 1 with Cleanser, leave the foam on face for 30 second on the second time wash, will help to detox faster.
  • Day Time routine:
    • After  washing face apply left over Reserve on break out spot
    • Apply Serum on the breakout
    • Put Moisturizing complex
    • Put on your daily make up as per normal
  • Night Time routine:
    • After washing face
    • Apply Serum
    • Apply Night Repair on whole face
    • Dot extras Night Repair on break out, do not rub in
    • Can use Mask to on face once or twice a week for deep cleansing to clean off much faster


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