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Get paid to look younger

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Get paid to look younger

Hi friends

I  would like to share with all of you this new product that I found in the market that makes me jump with joy.  It really works and it has no side effects, it is also suitable to any skin type. Now I cannot live without it.

If you are interested to learn about this product, take a look at this video.


Want to know how to use this product correctly to get the best effect?

– Your face cannot be oily, so it’s best to wash it before application

– If you are not applying make up, apply it after you put on all your skin care products

– If you are wearing make up, you have to apply it after you put foundation, but before you powder.

– Squeeze a small amount out from the vat, dip it onto your eye bagss, when it is still wet, use a fan to fan it till it is dry

– As it is drying, you will feel a tightness on your eye bag which will disappear in a second

– if you want to apply powder after it, just dip lightly, it is best if you do not apply anything on top of it.

There is a pro and con to everything. This product works 9 to 10 hour, after that you can top up if you start to see your eye bags reappearing.

The product can be washed off easily with just water.

So now you know the way to get the most out of it.   Happy looking younger by 10 years every day.

By the way if you wish to learn more about this product, you can access this link: Jeunesse

By becoming a member click on “Join Now”, you get a web site to sell this product all over the world, to understand more, send me a mail…





Introducing Chromebook first at Courts stores

 Court sales

What is a Chromebook?

The Chromebook is a new computer from Google that’s simple, lightweight and easy to use. Starts in seconds, backs-up your stuff in the cloud and keeps it safe with built-in virus protection. It’s the ideal device for getting stuff done everywhere you go.

Get stuff done with Google

Chromebooks come with popular Google products built-in, like Search, Gmail, YouTube, and Hangouts, so you can work, play, and do whatever you want right out of the box. Personalize your Chromebook with thousands more apps from the Chrome Web Store.

Perfect for sharing

Chromebooks are perfect to share with friends, family, and even the occasional guest. With multi-user support, each person can easily access their own files, apps and settings.

Cloud built-in

Never lose another file or photo. Access your stuff securely from anywhere.

Keep, create, share

Your Chromebook lets you easily save your files to Google Drive, so you can pick up where you left off across all your devices, wherever you go.

Print from the cloud

Your Chromebook comes equipped for Google Cloud Print, a new technology that lets you access your printers without
plugging in any cables

Sync your stuff

Chromebooks sync seamlessly with your Android phone, tablet and all other devices running Chrome, so you can access your bookmarks, files and other settings everywhere.

Work offline

Chromebooks offer offline apps, like Google docs and offline Gmail, which means you can stay productive during the rare times you are disconnected from the web.

 Court sales 1

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War Games | The War Games

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The #1 Best-selling World Of  Warcraft Guides. Covering Leveling, Dailies, Professions … Join over 60,000 Zygor Guides Users to level your Character, make Tons of Gold, earn Achievements, Titles & much more …

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Living in Singapore and owing a car is rather costly, but the most costly maintenance is to received a car park fines, which can add up to a few hundred dollars if you received a few. For example, if you are late by a couple of minutes to display another parking coupon, when you needed extra time to complete your errands, you get a fine, even just dropping kids off at school or posting a mail at a letter box, if summon auntie is around the neighborhood, you will receive a summon if summon auntie can not see a value car park coupon. Summon aunties are every driver’s nightmare in Singapore. Once they issue a summon, they will tell you that they can not do anything to cancel it.Summon Auntie

But thanks to these creators of this application, they are a team of mobile and web developers, who are car owner themselves, who also received many summons during their daily trip, Instead of just talking and complaining about it, they have decided to put their talent to good use and decided to come out with this billiant idea, of alerting summon auntie present in their near by neighborhood to user of this application. Thus this application “Summon Auntie” was created. It is FREE for download now, if only you are a user of iPhone and iPad. It was launched on 9th August this year as a gift and celebration for our National Day in Singapore.

Just log on to you iphone or ipad “App Store” key in the word ” Summon Auntie” and download to your iphone or ipad. The instruction to use is simple also. Just 3 keys button “UNPARK”, “ALERT” & “KENA”

Summon Auntie software

You simply lock your vehicle’s location, press “PARK” and you can go about to do your errands. If another user spots and alerts our system of a Summon Auntie near your parked vehicle, simply press “ALERT” a notification will be sent to you. IMMEDIATELY run or fly to your vehicle, every minute counts because Summon Aunties will say “Sorry hor, I cannot cancel one”, then no choice after receiving the summon just press “KENA” Hahahahahaha!!!! Ok la. This is a useful application do share with your iphone or ipad user especially those who drive. You will be amaze how much you can save if you can help one another with this application … ok have fun, enjoy and drive carefully.


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