Culture shock on methods used by Indonesian maid to settle down my kid for a nap


Culture shock on methods used by Indonesian maid to settle down my kid for a nap

When I first employed a maid, like all first time employers, IMaid Agency did not prepare a work schedule for her.  I trusted that the Maid Agency would have already given her the training she needed, so I briefed her on what was her tasks and left her to do the job.

Later, I found out that the training they have in the agency was not enough and due to the culture difference, some of the things they do can be very shocking to us, e.g. this happened particularly with an Indonesian maid I had.

My daughter was 2 years old when my first maid arrived, the maid was told to ensure that my daughter was to take an afternoon nap every day, as most children will take a while to settle down for a nap.  What the maid did was to stroke the lower body of the child.  We consider this as sexual harassment to the kid but this is a common way they use to calm the kid down. 


 One of my relatative’s daughter experienced the same and she grew up addicted to it.  Few other friends of mine with Indonesian maids have had the same experience too.  Over the exchange of conversation, my mom came to be aware of it and she secretly observed the maid and spotted the same way was being used by my maid.  I was told and I had to stop my maid from doing the same to my daughter. 

I could not believe it when I first heard this from my mom but then my maid admitted that she does it and it is very normal for them. 

So do pay attention to this special method they use to settle down your kid for a nap. It is my experience and lucky I had discovered this early before my daughter became addicted to it.


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