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A 9 years old girl in Malaysia was infected with dengue fever, during the first six days in the hospital, she develop chest pain and concurrent cold fever. The doctor tested and review that her platelet was very low. Then on the fourth day the little girl also began to have blood in her urine and her gum was bleeding. The doctor say that they can not do much now for her, they just hope she can still able to survive the night.

With out much hope, the little girl dad went to seek his neighbour, Mrs Huang for  help. She prescribed a traditional formula using traditional Chinese earthwork which is a kind of frog and 4 to 5 small bitter gourd (commonly known as mountain bitter gourd). Boil over a slow cooker without water, for three hours, after which drink the stew juice, which is about 2 tablespoons.

To their amaze, on the following day the doctor did a test and was surprize that her platelet has returned to normal, and she was completely healed from dengue.

There is a vegetarian recipe for vegetarians too. Get a few Papaya leaf and make Papaya leaf juice with it, take 2 teaspoon each time the papaya juice until the pain and fever subsided. You will be a amaze that you will be cure from dengue.

This recipe has work on many people in Malaysia and Singapore who has contracted dengue before. Do try it.


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