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IMG_0031I have been using my computer for a couple of years now, which is why it has been malfunctioning and not being responsive lately. I was planning on either replacing or deleting all of my files on my computer to make it work faster but that would cost a lot of money and it would mean losing my work that I did through all these years. Of course, reformatting a partition would be ideal but it would not do much good as my hard disk will still be full of junk files unless I go through it and remove them one by one. And obviously, that would take forever. So, I desperately looked for a solution to my problem.

Finding a Great Solution

And thankfully, I found one; and the best one at that. I found Detox My PC at a forum site. Some guy mentioned it and kept on babbling about how good it is and how it made his computer work like new. He also told other users that the price was discounted, which is what made me visit the sales page of the product.

The First Impression

I’ve watched the video on the sales page of the Detox My PC and got curious as to how it can possible clean all of my unnecessary files in just a few clicks of my mouse. It can even clean the registry and search history of Windows computers. I know there is no other way but to try it out. I can get my money back later by availing their money-back guarantee if it didn’t work so I went ahead and downloaded it.

detoxmypc-box-left-smallFinally Finding the Solution

After downloading it, I installed the application and used it at once. I did not need any tutorial as the procedure is quite easy. Just click and click. So, I waited for a short while and to my surprise, the process was done even before I had the time to contemplate if this thing will actually work.

Beginning on Great Computer Usage Experience

I started opening apps and browsing the Internet after the detoxification of Detox My PC on my computer and was pretty amazed at how fast my applications ran. I was even able to download files quite easily, not to mention I was able to do all of these at once.
My computer worked like I just bought it yesterday!


I read more about Detox My PC because I got curious as to how it was able to make my computer faster and more responsive after just a short while. I learned that it can actually clean my computer’s registry and was able to carefully remove the cache files on my hard disk.

All of the search history files that have been piling up on my computer had also been blasted out of my computer, as well as other useless files such as language files on various applications that I often use.

Now, I am able to work and submit my paperwork on record time. Also, I saved my money and was able to buy lots of useful stuff instead of purchasing a new computer for my office.

You can detox your own PC, cleaning it of junk by visiting

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