Educate your live in maid


Educate your live in maid on what she should do when the door bell rings. She should answer the door but it does not mean she can allow anybody to come into the house without permission.

Consent from the house owner has to be given before any visitor can enter the house.   The basic rule is that she should never allow any stranger/ visitor to come into the house when you are not home, even if it is a friend whom has visited you while you are at home. 

Should there be an exception, you have to pre-alert her to expect that particular guest; or else they will be confused with who to let into the house.  Be consistent when giving your instructions.  You must always remind the maid that “Low crime does not mean no crime”.  It is not ok to leave the door open and walk away to do other things at all times.   


When you have guests in the house, the maid should automatically serve drinks and snacks to both you and your guests, drinks should be replenished every hour.

If you do grocery and stock up all your food in the fridge weekly, you need to specially educate your maid on the sequence of consuming the foods so that they can last for a week. 

For example, most maids do not know which type of vegetables have a longer life span. Thus, you have to educate them to cook those vegetables with a shorter life span first so as to avoid you wasting money on vegetables that you will never get to eat. 

For meat, once you have come back from your grocery shopping, you have to train your maid to cut the meat into smaller servings and pack them separately into plastic bag before you store them into the freezer. If you don’t do this, every time when she cooks, she will have to de-frost the whole piece of meat so that she can cut the portions she wants for the meal and later put the meat back into the freezer.  This is not the right way to handle meat as it will spoil very quickly.

Food preparation


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