Food in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is famous for their good food, so it is not surprise that many will talk about their food. 

Vegetarian Food:

 Like in Singapore,no meat sign there are not many places that sell vegetarian food. If you are not familiar with the country, it makes it harder to find them too, so be prepared to settle your lunch with bread or pastries if you cannot find a vegetarian food store.  In comparison, I find that vegetarian food is tastier in Singapore than in Hong Kong.  Even their vegetarian restaurants do not provide tasty vegetarian food. If you are vegetarian, just be happy that you have found vegetarian food.  Eat to live and focus on other events.


Non-Vegetarian Food:

If you are a non-vegetarian, you’ve come to the right country for delicious Chinese food. It is a food paradise. As we have experience staying in both Hong Kong and Kowloon island, I would say if you stay in Kowloon, most of the small eating houses you walk into will give you value for money on delicious food.  Their desserts are also really nice. It has become my must eat before we end our day every night when I was in Hong Kong. 

food paradise

If you are staying in Hong Kong, than perhaps you need to spend more time on looking for good food as not all small eating house offer delicious food. small eating house

As they are small business, the shop owners generally prefer their customer to eat and go. We have experienced one of the kids eating slowly when all the adults have already finish their food and were waiting for the kid, the shop owner asked all the adults to wait for the kid outside the shop and this is common practise in Hong Kong.  Be prepared to share table with stranger, this is also common in Hong Kong.

There is this particular eating place we went in Kowloon that cook very delicious good food, I do not have their address, but perhaps this picture will help you find it.  It is situated in Temple Street

HK restaurant in Temple street



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