Should I hire a transfer maid?

Should I hire a transfer maid?
This is a common question many will ask, and the answer is none other than, “it depends” and the fact is, this statement is true.
What I can tell you is that hiring a transfer maid is much cheaper than hiring a new maid, reason being: 
– you do not have to pay for their exam fee
– some maid agency even give you special discount on the agent fees
– you do not have to come up with large amounts of cash to help the  maid to settle her loan. 
I’m not sure if you are aware, but all maids come into the country with a S$2,000 to S$3,000 loan, I was told by my agent this is the amount they need to pay their government in order to get the paper work done in their country to come to Singapore to work. Part of the amount also goes to their country’s employment agency for running this errand.
If you have to hire a transfer maid, do not sign any documents before you are given a chance to talk to the ex-employer. 
To be frank, most people hire a transfer maid due to emergency, e.g. their current maid is going home soon and they cannot wait too long for a new maid to arrive… etc.
Due to this stress, they usually make a mistake by signing all the documents before asking to speak to an ex-employer. 
Once you sign on the documents, there is no obligation for the maid agency to arrange for you to speak to the ex-employer and therefore, the success rate is zero. But never give up without trying, it can save you a lot of trouble later.
If you do get the chance to speak to the ex-employer, these are the questions you may want to ask:
– what is the reason for returning her?
– Does she work fast or slow?
– Level of cleanliness?
– Can she take instructions?
– Is she helpful or will she have the initiative to do things on her own?
– Is she very forgetful?
– Is she willing to learn and change?
– Does she eat a lot or does she not like to eat?  Chances are if a maid do not like to eat, she will usually not able to cook well or dislike cooking.
– Is she stubborn?
– Any stealing habits?
– Is she honest?
– Can she take criticism/advice?  Will she cry easily?
– Does she have special habits, e.g. love to watch TV, must talk on the phone or love to gossip to neighbour about the employer’s family…etc
Since you get to see the maid in person, you may also talk to her to try to find out the reason for her being returned and double check with what the ex-employer was telling you.

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