Hong Kong Trip Experience Sharing


Hong Kong Trip Experience Sharing – travelling on budget air and land transport in HK

Just came back from Hong Kong and Macau. This is my first time taking budget airlines and also my first visit to Macau.  It is my 3rd time visiting Hong Kong. Perhaps from my experience sharing, it will give you a heads up to better prepare for what to expect when you are planning for the same trip.

Budget Airline:

We leave Singapore with Tiger airlines and arrive at Hong Kong airport, we come back by Jet Star via Macau airport.

Let talk about the budget airline:Flight delayed

– Be prepared for flight delay for both airlines. It happens very often.  To avoid flight delay, it is better to take their first flight out of the day. 

– The Tiger airway seat can be lowered down to a lying position. It is very comfortable when you want to take a short nap.  Jet Star’s seats cannot be lowered and you have to sit up straight the whole journey.  If you are ok with sleeping at this position the whole journey, this is not a problem for you.

– Both airlines provide leather seats. It looks nice and feels comfortable.

– Both airlines do not provide on board entertainment, no movie and no music, bring your own book or Ipad to read and play games. 

– Both airline sell foods and drinks on board, the prices are affordable. Special meals like Curry rice, Soup, Porridge are available but of limited stock.  Order early or if are not lucky, you can always settle with instant noodle as they are available all time.

– Their onboard shopping catalogue sells about the same items, make up, perfume, jewellery, toys… etc.

After you arrive at Otopus cardHong Kong, land transport will be your first concern, I would suggest to buy their “Octopus Card”, it is a like our MRT EZ Link store value card.  You can use it to pay for all 3 mode of transportation in Hong Kong, you can also use it to buy thing at selected shops, when the value runs low, just top up the value.  But their machine can only accept HKD100 per top up, if you want to top up other value, you have to go to the counter to do it.  The queue can be very long during rush hour.  Remember to return the card and get the refund on your last trip.

4 Type of Land transportation in Hong Kong:

If you are travelling with young children and stroller is a must to bring, be prepare for some inconvenience.  The entries to the MTR stations are smaller and have no escalator or lift to go down to the station.  Some time, you will have to carry the stroller up and down the staircase.

When you get into the station on your way to the platform, when using the escalator, their standing area is on the right (in Singapore we stand on the left).

Their buses are very much the same as ours in Singapore, nothing much to talk about.

If you don’t have a stroller to bring with you, you can consider taking their tram, it is cheapest but usually very packed due to it size.


If there is a lot of walking to do, be prepared to have to walk up hill and downhill often. Walking takes more effort, their roads are not like in Singapore’s flat ground walking, if you are travelling with elderly, this will be very challenging for them.

Look up for more sharing on my next post on Food in HK.


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