How to be a good employer to your maid?


How to be a good employer to your maid?Up set maid

– Do not mentally torture your maid, if you are not happy with her performance, tell her nicely.  It is not necessary to scold her, harass her or beat her up, all these only results in your maid to become first scared of you and later turn upset or angry.  Soon she will either fight back or run away.  Although it helps to release your anger against her but it does not help to improve her performance, learn to master the art of: 忍無可忍, 從新再忍

– Brush up your communication skills, carefully choose the words you use when talking to her.  Give more encouragement than criticism.  

– Never be stingy on praising when they do things with their initiative and it was done correctly.

– Do not keep valuable jewellery and lot of cash at home, don’t tempt your maid to do the wrong thing.Jewellery

– Be patient when you are teaching your maid, make her repeat to you the instruction to ensure that there is no miscommunication and always remind her it is ok that she make mistake.  The key is to learn from her mistake and not make the same again

– Always remind her that it is ok to admit if she does not understand the instruction, rather than pretend to understand and do everything wrongly.

– If she is not able to learn, perhaps it is your teaching method that is not effective, try to find another way to explain to her

– Be consistent in the instructions you give to her, so that she does not get confuse

– Keep to your instructions. Should there be changes due to situation, spend time to explain to her, so that she is not under the impression that you cannot keep to your word

– Always ensure that she has enough food and rest

– Be aware of her mood. If she is upset, spend time to understand why and try to council or comfort her

– Take care of her safety; don’t make her do something you won’t do yourself

– When she is sick or injured, bring her to the doctor.  Don’t try to save money on this, it is true their medical fee is much higher but this cannot be the reason for not bringing her to seek medical attention when she needs itDental visit

– If she has a tooth ache, bring her to the dentist, if she is constantly in pain, her performance will not be good, it will cost you a lot of money.  Perhaps you can get her to share the cost if you really has problem financially

– If she lies to you, just point it out in a calm and cool way with proof to convince her you are fully aware of the situation

– If she is good, when you go for holiday, bring back a gift for her as a token of appreciation

– Do not forget her birthdays, buy her a birthday gift

– Pay her salary punctually

– Never ask her to pay on your behalf for your home expenses and forget to pay her back.  It is her hard earned money and she deserves to spend it on herself, not on you or your home

 Always have positive thinking, believe that in this world everybody wants to do a good job as much as they can, if they cannot, perhaps is due to some reason.  Find the solution for it.

If you maid is un-trainable, be a good citizen and return them back to where they come from, do not push them to another employer just because you want to save her air ticket fees.  Be nice to your fellow Singaporean.


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