It is my maid’s right to decide if she want an off day


It is my maid’s right to decide if she want an off day

We all believe we need to have an off day. Therefore there is this Chinese phrase: 休息是為了走更遠的路. It means taking a rest is to prepare us for the farthest/longer journey ahead. But no one ask the question “are we able to afford it?”  

Most maids come to work because they needed to find food to feed their family back home. Because there are no jobs back home, therefore they need to travel so far to come here to work.

All the maids have already been informed their contract is for 2 years and whether they have off days or not, before they accept the job offer.   They did not come here to find out, for this reason, I think we should respect their decision.  

Let me share a story with you: 

A small little bird was lost and tired but could not find a place to rest. Suddenly, it spotted a piece of dung on the ground, so it flew down to rest on top of the piece of dung.  

A little boy saw this and thought that the poor bird needs help from him.  So he decided to help the bird.  He gave the bird a good wash up and dried it’s feathers before he let the bird fly off from his palm when he was done.

The poor tired bird had lost it’s resting place and was forced to continue to fly again to look for another piece of dung to land on so that he would not be eaten by another animals while resting. 

We cannot impose what we think is good for others and assume that it is the right thing to do.  If your maid cannot afford to have an off day, but you think she needs it and have forced her to take it, you are not being kind to her, so please do not take away her right to decide what is best for herself.   


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