Launching “Summon Auntie” New Application for Iphone and iPad User in Singapore


Living in Singapore and owing a car is rather costly, but the most costly maintenance is to received a car park fines, which can add up to a few hundred dollars if you received a few. For example, if you are late by a couple of minutes to display another parking coupon, when you needed extra time to complete your errands, you get a fine, even just dropping kids off at school or posting a mail at a letter box, if summon auntie is around the neighborhood, you will receive a summon if summon auntie can not see a value car park coupon. Summon aunties are every driver’s nightmare in Singapore. Once they issue a summon, they will tell you that they can not do anything to cancel it.Summon Auntie

But thanks to these creators of this application, they are a team of mobile and web developers, who are car owner themselves, who also received many summons during their daily trip, Instead of just talking and complaining about it, they have decided to put their talent to good use and decided to come out with this billiant idea, of alerting summon auntie present in their near by neighborhood to user of this application. Thus this application “Summon Auntie” was created. It is FREE for download now, if only you are a user of iPhone and iPad. It was launched on 9th August this year as a gift and celebration for our National Day in Singapore.

Just log on to you iphone or ipad “App Store” key in the word ” Summon Auntie” and download to your iphone or ipad. The instruction to use is simple also. Just 3 keys button “UNPARK”, “ALERT” & “KENA”

Summon Auntie software

You simply lock your vehicle’s location, press “PARK” and you can go about to do your errands. If another user spots and alerts our system of a Summon Auntie near your parked vehicle, simply press “ALERT” a notification will be sent to you. IMMEDIATELY run or fly to your vehicle, every minute counts because Summon Aunties will say “Sorry hor, I cannot cancel one”, then no choice after receiving the summon just press “KENA” Hahahahahaha!!!! Ok la. This is a useful application do share with your iphone or ipad user especially those who drive. You will be amaze how much you can save if you can help one another with this application … ok have fun, enjoy and drive carefully.


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