Re-train your maid on how to do tidying


You must also re-train your maid on how to do tidying

It may seem like a very simple task, but if it is not handled well, it can become a nightmare.  They are taught to pack away things so that the place will look neat and tidy.  The methods they use are to keep things out of sight, so very often, after they finish tidying, you will not be able to find your things anymore.

You may not have discovered it right away, but when you need the things, you will not be able to find them.  By then, it could have been a few days later and your maid may also have forgotten where she had kept it.  This is especially dangerous when the missing item is your kid’s home work that he or she needs to pass up to the teacher.  

Maid tidying

Maids are very “Task Oriented”.

What do I mean by that? For example, if you ask them to clean the fan, they will dismantle the fan and try to clean the whole thing.  They are not aware that if a part takes too much effort to dismantle, it probably means that part is not meant to be dismantled or they are using the wrong method to dismantle it. Most of our home appliances suffer due to this, and after all the cleaning, the maid cannot restore it back to its original condition and we end up having a very clean piece of home appliance but it will never work

Another example is that they like to move the furniture away during cleaning anRe-train your maid how to do tidyingd when they move the furniture too often, it results in a lot of scratch mark on the wooden floor, therefore it is very important to train your maid to be “Result Oriented so that the things will get done in the right way with the right result.  

For a new maid in town, you should give her a quick briefing before the eve of Chinese New Year so they will know what they should and should not do on New Year day, especially when you have senior living with you. E.g. do not sweep the floor on first day of new year, do not trash anything, do not break anything …. etc.

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