My bad experience with DoWed (once known as Bewitched) Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program !!!


My bad experience with DoWed (once known as Bewitched) Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program !!!


In the year 2012 Aug, I enrolled myself for a “Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program” conducted by DoWed (once known as Bewitched Weddings).  The course instructor is Sherwin Lee (under company name Bewitched Weddings, he call himself Win Lee).

The course fee was $2,600 and it promised a career after the graduation. Therefore on the first day of the course, we have to sign an employment letter. As some of my classmate are working in similar industries, they are worried that by signing the letter, it might get them into trouble, but Sherwin Lee (also known as Win Lee under company name Bewitched Weddings) ensured us that he understands that we all have our full time jobs and that this is just a part-time freelance job for us.

Coming back to the course, it was a 5 month course, covering 15 topics. Each 2 hour lesson was $173 [it was a very expensive course as usually a 1 days course costs about $150 to $200 whereas this was just a 2 hour lesson]. Should we miss lessons due to business trips, vacations or work, there will be a free lesson make up.  An exam date was planned on 20th Nov 2012, followed by a one on one feedback and career prospects meeting with Sherwin Lee (Win Lee).DoWed wedding planner course

Today, I have no choice but to drop the course because I am totally disappointed by it and felt cheated due to the following empty promises they made:

– The company will print name card for us, never happened

– There would be transport arranged for us to go to the workshop location. It never happened

– We asked for his presentation slides to be sent to us, so that we can prepare for our exam, he agreed to do so but it never happened.

– After the wedding seminar, sales leads would be given to us. However, we only got the leads from the first seminar and it was given to us a weeks after that, when the hot leads turned cold.   Subsequent seminars just offered empty promises, I only received 2 leads from him, 1 lead is a fake, everytime I called, the phone connected  to an answering machine speaking in Cantonese, nevertheless I manage to bring in the other lead to meet with him.

– There was a sales kit given to us to equip us with the ability to do sales, but the sales kit we received is an obsolete sales kit. We all know weddings are planned one year ahead. Giving us the price list for the current year does not help. When we questioned it, he then told us that we were expected to build our own sales kits as he did not manage to get it from the vendor.  He has been in this business for 8 years and is the director of the company, so if he cannot get special prices from all the vendors, how on earth does he think that we can?  Even if we can, the question of why I should share my commission with him is raised especially if he did not do anything to help.  I even have to pay for my own course fees and the company does not play any part in aiding me.   This is the wedding planner package we receive from him: it is really unbelievable a professional wedding planner company does not have their own wedding package, they use a link that belongs to another company.

– There will be an exam and official certification, as agreed. Again, never happened

– A career in this business was promised, but how could that happen if there were no leads and no sales kits?

– The course schedule is only for show, the courses was never delivered completely and on time.

– Free make up lessons. Yes it was free. The actual lesson is 2 hour from 7pm to 9pm whereas the makeup was supposed to be 1 hour for me. But it was shortened to half an hour, at the last minute by Sherwin Lee (Win Lee)

DoWed weddingplannerThe courses were always cancelled at the last minute and also to make way for his personal holiday plans.  Sherwin Lee (Win Lee) never ran out of excuses to cancel the course on the course day itself. We would always receive a class cancellation SMS and reasons range from him falling sick, his dog falling sick, his office has no air-conditioning, his office is under renovation, he was meeting up with important clients [as if we are not important even after paying a $2,600 course fee], he was going on vacation to Japan and the USA [Laughable, isn’t it? He has time to go on vacations but no time to deliver the courses on schedule]…. Etc.  

Bad experience with DoWed course

The courses schedule consisted of 15 topics and he only managed to deliver 12. Up till today, 2 topics, 1 workshop and a field trip never did happen and these are topic he should covered.

Dowed course schedule scam

On the career aspect, he conducted 3 seminars and promised to give us all the leads before each seminar but nothing came after the first seminar.

In other words, we are in a dilemma where lack classes and a career.

We (the whole class) called for a meeting with him because we were all upset with the situation and during the meeting we were told that the course was fully delivered, much to our shock.

He then told us that he had only organized 1 seminar for each class, and after the seminar, he would have given the leads to the student and expect them to sell, but of course there was no usable sales kit given, so we could not make any sales and if there were no sales, he would not give us any more leads, meaning that it was the end of our career with him.

He then went on to tell us that because he liked our class, he had organized 2 more seminars for our class.  The problem is, we only got leads from the 1st seminar, whereas in the other 2 seminars, there were no leads given to us at all, so what does he mean when he says that he had organized 2 more seminars for us?  It only mean these seminars run anyway but it was never for us, he need that for himself.

His reason for not giving us the lead was because nobody but me had turned up for the seminar, therefore he believed that we were not interested even though he had told us that there was no need to attend all his seminar. So why had this suddenly turned into a reason for not giving any leads to us?

Not forgetting the fact that although I was the only one who turned up, I had not gotten any leads and he never explain why.


 So I realized everything was designed to make us fail.  Unlike the common practice in the sales  industry, there were no monthly sales targets for each of us, it was also not mentioned in the employment letter we signed.   Now I understand why,  because he knew for a fact that we would not be able to sell.  On the other hand as this is a common practice in the industry, he can use this to his benefit to paint a picture of us not being able to perform. 

The whole learn and earn program is a scam and many empty promises were made just to get us to sign up, when in reality, they had just wanted to make our money and hoped that we would walk away without asking questions.  This has been my whole experience with DoWed (once known as BeWitched Weddings) Wedding Planning Learn and Earn Program.

I heard that they will be conducting another DoWed (once known as BeWitche Weddings) Academy in July 2013 and wedding planner career switch talk , so I hope that my reader learn a thing or two about the course after my sharing and that you make a wise decision when choosing this course.

Latest Important Update(13th Jul 2013):
He just terminated his company DoWed Wedding Planners and registered a new company under the name of  BeWitched Weddings, you can check via this link: , should you find Wedding Planner coures being sold under BeWitched Weddings, I am sure you know who is behind it….  

 DoWed scam academy course

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read your review on Do-Wed’s & I must say I’m horrified beyond words…!

    I have attended his carrer talk this week & he told us about his last batch students (2012).

    He said 10 students signed up… 2 didn’t continued because 1 of them got pregnant suddenly & decided to go freelance (?) & the other one went “bitch-mode”. He told us that apparently the one that went “bitch-mode”, was fired due to her laziness & bad attitude & she couldn’t even close a single lead. Sherwin said he gave her 1 year of time of chance to prove herself but end up he has no choice but to fired her. & after firing her, she went “bitch-mode” & started slandering Do-Wed & him online.

    He also mentioned that 1 of his May 2012 student Liz (not sure if i rem her name correctly) jumped 3 levels within 1 year, from apprentice wedding planner to senior wedding planner.

    I think he said the rest stayed with him. He said he has a total of 18 manpower in the company… & will provide 5 leads to each of the students..

    As you belonged to the previous batch, is any of the information true??

    I’m really interested in learning because he sound so sincere & wonderful during his speech… & more than 10 students actually approach him & set up for the 2nd round of interview.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      I have already share my true experience in my blog with support facts, it is really up to you to trust my word.
      I can understand in order to protect himself now, he can only give you a lot of un-true information, I was not fire by him, in fact I asked him to return the employment letter that I have signed when I first enroll for this course, he refuse to and we settle with him giving me a “Release Letter”, to my surprise instead of giving me a “Release Letter”, he sent me a “Termination Letter” as if he has terminated my employment, so you can see how he has treated me and whether his words can be trusted from this incident.
      It is laughable to hear from you he even mentioned this:
      – Sherwin said he gave her 1 year of time of chance to prove herself but end up he has no choice but to fired her. & after firing her, she went “bitch-mode” & started slandering Do-Wed & him online.
      Our course was supposed to end last year Nov, you can see it did not end because he kept cancelling the class and finally in April this year he told us class is over and we have to do hands on now.
      I wonder how “he can give me 1 year to prove myself” when we have not even finish the course? We started class in August 2012, I decided to leave him behind in April 2013, you calculate the time, where does the 1 year fit in? You can tell who is lying here right?
      The rest of my classmates stay on with him because they already spend the money, they cannot get a refund, they can only walk away from this unhappy experience, so they have decided to stay on and hope that my wake up call to SherWin benefit them.
      Please check this link: , there are kind people who teach us what to check before we enroll for any courses in Singapore to safe guard our money, I wish I learn this earlier so that I won’t be in today’s situation.
      Another thing is you can check in this link: if the company is in what status? once it has a CANCEL status, it means should you be unhappy with the training, you go to CASE, they will not help you because the company status is NOT LIVE, small claim court will also not help, I am now in this situation.
      I can only point you to the direction to protect yourself. Make a wise decision.

  2. Anonymous says:

    came across your post regarding dowed. I have been through his lessons too, march 2012 batch. the same thing happened to my class, all the excuses and cancelling of lessons happened to us too. I think the whole course is a total bullshit, he’s all out to scam our money. just wondering if there is anything that we could do about this whole incident?
    For our case it is the same, he did not complete all the topics, few of my classmates even sign up for the additional florist class but didn’t get to attend too. we did not get any certificate at the end, nor did he go through the exam with us. even classes which should be given by stan (his brother) were not held. it’s a total scam. he keeps cancelling our class, gave lots of excuses yet he can go overseas and get hangover at clubs.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Oh dear, this is worse than our situation. Because of my blog post, he got a wakeup call, now he wants to prove me wrong, so that I sound like a fool, he come up with new plan for all my classmates, all of them are excited about his new plan, he will have another seminar on 8th Jun and he ask them to all attend the seminar and give them chance to mingle with the attendees, he even printed their name card finally and will be given to them on 1st Jun, the question is for how long he can do this?
      If you still wish to have a career in this area, demand for the same opportunity as my classmate from him, this is the critical moment he needs to prove himself and make me look like fool, you may get what you want. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi all, I also went for the talk recently and have been told I am selected for the position. Now I’m really worried that its a fraud. Can the above poster saying you are also keen on the position let me know what’s your decision after all?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am trying to see if this course is worth to go for anot till I google and saw your feedback.. Appreciate it alot.. as I have this prob before too while studying dip in a private school and it give soooo much excuses…. when comes to defer my examinations.. its really irritating till I drop out too.. I called up jus a moment ago and check out on the course and the gal in charge mentioned kindly come down register as the class will starts next week…. 🙁

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are a group of girls from the batch of September 2012. We have come across your blog and strongly support the case that you are putting up.
    hope to touch base with you. Will appreciate if you can drop me a mail at ????????? if you see this message. Thanks.

  6. Victim of the dowed scam says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thank you so much for this post on DOWED Wedding! And I am so glad that someone finally voiced it out on the forum and the blogs to expose SHERWIN LEE. When I first went down for the interview, he painted an extremely nice picture of career with the company, he used sweet-talking on me to tell me how good i am. I actually questioned him about the involvment of planning out the wedding for couples during the interview. He said that I would be meeting the clients directly and doing the wedding planning. BULLSHIT. Went for the lessons, and they were extremely unprepared. Most of the information, we could actually get it over the internet, they simply copy and paste it on the powerpoint slides and printed out in the course handout for us. The duration of the lessons which is supposed to be 2 hours, was usually shorter than expected. And whenever we asked for the slides from him, he would say: ” I promise to get it for you” Till then, none. We were also being promised of the name cards during the 3rd or 4th lessons so that we could pass them to the couples. However, it was being delayed and delayed till the seminars were over. EMPTY PROMISES! Lessons were cancelled last minutes due to seriously damn reasons! And we could see them happily going overseas! SO ANNOYED! Whenever our class confronted him or questioned him, he always find excuses and go sidetrack. Really waste of our MONEY AND PRECIOUS TIME!

  7. Hi all, i am a victim from the Nov 2012 batch. i have decided to leave a comment here because our batch too, have gone through similarly what Connie and her batch faced.
    It makes me mad that they are making use of our dreams to cheat money out from us. I am aware that their so called employment program is still going on and that they are still advertising to recruit people.
    It still makes me boil to know that our money have indirectly contributed to the personal trip to New York in April 2013!!
    People! Please be wise! If there is only just ONE people spreading the news with no other people supporting, then you could give the benefit of doubt! However, looking at the comments here, you would have known that this is a true scam with many victims posting up, as a plea so as all of you might know NOT to trust DOWED and Sherwin Lee.
    this amount of money 2.6k may not be a lot to most, but it was my saving and at that time, i was out of job, sincerely hoping that i could really learn and earn!
    In all end up with nothing and to date, all the so called replacements classes HAVE NEVER BEEN FULFILLED. Even if it is, its just another hour of bullshit from Sherwin repeating what he said again and again BEFORE.
    So dear all, please rethink before u make the decision to sponsor them your money.
    I’ve even checked with the Small Tribunal Claims to attempt taking my money back but because this was a case of “employment ” issue, we will not be able to claim back the money.

  8. flash the scam out!!!! says:

    Let’s all not to be disheartened. Everyone get together and flash him and his girl friend out. I believe if there is a will there is a way!!!!

  9. anon says:

    I attended the seminar in may and was called for second interview. few days later I was informed I was selected and had to make payment for courses asap and so I went to make payment. the course was supposed to start on either 11/18 June depending on the availability of the others who are also attending the course. but it got cancelled for the 18 June stating that the boss was hospitalized. may I know are there anyone who got their refund back before or during the course? cuz I’m a little scared right now after reading all the comments above.

    • LKY says:

      Oopps it might be a little hard to ask him back for the money, but keep on trying, they might just return if not join in the protest again a scam pigs. In any case he is alive and well not sick, not hospitalized, but busy preparing for a Bali trip if I am not wrong.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      So far no one has gotten any refund yet because our situation are different from yours.
      The question is did you sign anything during your registration? if yes, what is stated in the cancellation term and condition?
      If you sign nothing and course did not start, you have all right to ask for full refund because there is no future course start date given to you, even if there is and it is a date that is not acceptable or not within your plan, you can still ask for refund.
      If you have more trouble getting refund, please feel free to share it in my blog, let the world know. Good luck, hope they are kind to you.

  10. Hi i am happy to find this site. I am just like all of you here from 2012 batch. Till today course are still not complete. These 2 shamless people needs to be deal with. Lets all join forces and fight it out.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Would like to reach out to you, I have tried to contact you via your E/mail but not successful, if you are interested to join us for a short meeting, please write to me soon.

  11. I m in der same boat says:

    I am from 2012 batch. Until now course is still not completed. He gave us leads. According to him these leads comes from couple who has completed the survey forms during the seminar. When we asked for the survey forms, he was unable to produce and gave loads of excuses. Just like your situation, by the time we get the lead, it was weeks later, majority of the leads were not interested anymore.
    Then the second seminar we managed to speak to some couples. I made an appointment with one couple but meeting time and venue with client have been postponed multiple time and changes are all at the very last minute because of Sherwin. It was finally confirmed but on the day of appoinment again at the very last minute was inform that Sherwin was sick again, was told to go ahead and speak to couple without SherWin or otherwise postpone the appoinment once again, all the sweet talk about how he would help us on our first meeting with the customer is all bullshit, making me change appoinment multiple times and venue at the last minute is bad enough to spoil the clients impression of me. I am totally disappointed and angry…

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi there
      I can understand how angry, upset and disappointed your are, we all walk away from him with the same feeling as you, so you are not alone here.
      To be very frank your sharing give me reason to doubt the so call leads he gives to us, the leads could be all fake, therefore he could not provide any support when you ask to see the original survey forms.
      For my case SherWin keep saying “the program require us to meet the minimal sales target according to the contract that everyone signed” but I would be very interested to know where and which clause say that? I wonder where he hide that small fine print that only he can see it ? It is really ridiculous how one can be so shameless to tell such lie over and over again. Please invite all your unhappy classmates to share their experience here, together we can help safe others from being his next victim.

  12. sm says:

    Hi Connie, I’m in the same position too, was in the 2012 batch. ): Email me please, would like join in for the meeting. Hear from you soon!

  13. Alex says:

    Hi Connie, do u think we need report to police to stop these two shameless asshole?

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi Alex
      Some of the early batch girls went to the police but the police say it is a service dispute, so was advise to go to Case, I personally went to Case but when Case check the record of DoWed, it show status Cancelled, so Case told me they cannot do anything about it because the company status is cancelled.
      There is nobody to turn to.

      • Suzanne says:

        Hi Connie,

        I have signed up the course on end of July and i’m so regretted did do any survey before i sign up the course. Till July, they still using DoWed as their company name for the recruitment. Me and my course-mates just recently received our named with the DoWed company name. Is it consider a fraud? Beside that, Sherwin is moving out from SoHo building, non of us, even Liz, wei san and the vendors also didn’t know the location where he will shifted to. This has made us more gan jiong. The class still going on. No cancellation has happened so far, but we have requested Sherwin to present in the class as we all have a lot of doubts and need him to clarify. the 1st reason given is, he got meeting with his client. then another week past, he still nvr present in the next class. 2nd reason given is he admitted to hospital. Today is the 3rd week that we requested him to present in our class. Will update you guys here after tonight’s class.

  14. Alex says:

    is it true? how many of u have join the course ?

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi Alex
      Through my blog post I get to know there are many more victims, from Mar to Nov 2012, almost every month there is about 10 to 20 sign up for this scam course, so you can count how many victims he produce in year 2012 alone.

  15. Anonymous says:

    “It’s a scam. That’s all it is.” I’ve experienced all the above mentioned by each & everyone of the victim here as I am one of them too.

    Please drop me a note. Hope to hear from you soon.

  16. Chan says:

    Hi Connie

    I am also belongs to the early 2012 batch. What else can we do if we cant make police reports and case not able to help. Someone from our batch approached the small claims tribunal but he didn’t turn up and ignore the case.

    I am just wondering anything happens with the batch of Y2011 or earlier?
    Do they have similar situations?

    • ConnieConnie says:

      No one from 2011 or before contacted me, perhaps this course was not offer before 2011. This is a number game, if we can get as many victims to come forward to tell their side of the story here, we have a better chance to do something about it.

    • Nov 2012 says:

      Hi Chan, since you are from the earlier 2012 batch you might know something like if Sherwin has a 2011 class? Can u tell us what happened to that student who went to SCT? And sice Sherwin did not turn up what is her next step. Able to share with us so we all know how to proceed from here.

  17. ttan says:

    i am from the recent june2013 batch. it’s amazing that so many have come forward to share in a period of 1 month. when i first stumbled upon this post in mid-may there was no response to connie’s story.

    anyway, we are beginning to experience history repeating itself already. so far there’s one last-minute class cancellation. and we just got the email address after 3 weeks of delay. all other administrative deliverables are still owed to us. but according to all your stories, the worst is yet to come.

    i find it difficult to believe that there so many of us here with such a diversity of talents and resource, and yet it appears that there’s nothing much to be done about the situation. regardless, i would be very interested to work with anyone here at whatever capacity to do something.

    my day job is public relations, so it’s quite easy for me to organize a campaign against do-wed. but i’d need all your help to put together a well-substantiated water-tight case with maximum credibility that can withstand a skeptical and cynical public.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Thank you for your sharing, can you share with me how many are there in your class? Are you the only unhappy one? If no, how many of you are unhappy?
      So far what have you being doing about this?
      The purpose I share my experience in my blog is to warn those that have not join the course to think twice before they make the decision.
      Since you read my blog and you have decided to join, I assume you have your reason for it and you also have a solution to handle him since his is just repeating the same thing with all his students over and over again.
      Can you share with me what is your plan?

      • ttan says:

        The time that I read your blog was in mid-May, and back then there was just your post only. No one else posted until June, but by then I had already joined.

        my whole class is unhappy. There are 12 persons, combinntion of female & male. Most of the females are fresh out of school. Most of the males already working. Among them, got about 5 of them had burnt their bridges to join Do-Wed, hoping to make a career out of it. One guy has been unemployed for at least 4 months, just waiting for Do-Wed to take off. However, the problem is most of the girls are still in their glamorous wedding planner dreams, hoping and praying that somehow this batch might be different, and Do-Wed will offer them a job. A few of them even printed their own business cards, and start promoting themselves as wedding planners.

        As most of them are not working, they have been googling all sorts of information about Do-Wed, plus a lot of idle talk about to do this and that. Nothing they have thought of and talked a lot about, is not already talked about by the others who posted at your blog. But so far there’s no defined course of action, except to just wait and see how. They hope that maybe when Wei San or Sherwin finally appear, things might turn around. Most of them do not want to rock the boat; worrying that it might foul whatever little hope to salvage the situation.

        We have a Whatsapp chat group. I have made a few calls there for them to join with the rest at your blog, but strangely they are not interested. They think that they might have a better plan. But so far it’s just a lot of talking and nothing doing. This is why I decided to initial some conversations at your blog. I believe so many of you have gone so far ahead of us. There is much I can learn from you all.

        • Suzanne says:

          Hi Tan,

          My course started on 1st July 2013. If we are not the same class, meaning that they have 2 batches of students at the same time?

          • ttan says:

            hi suzanne, i think there is a new batch every two or three months. my class is usually on monday, and it’s usually taught by Liz, and never sherwin. what about yours?

          • Suzanne says:

            Hi Tan,
            I thought Sherwin is teaching you guys? We are also teach by Liz!!!

  18. WN says:

    Hi, im frm batch march 13. We having similar problem. Drop me an email. These ppl cant get away wth this. If many ppl come forward with this, we might get a case to charge them wth fraud.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      My classmates stay on with him because they know I am going to give this wake up call to Sherwin, so they hope to benefit from the outcome. You should do the same too, come to my blog to regularly update us, so that he gets the pressure to behave if he still want to stay in this business.

      • WN says:

        Do they get the lead and paid accordingly like mention in the contract or are they still waiting to get leads? We are just trying to understand whter or not this dowed wedding is a proper business or not. Or just the dowed academy is the messed up one.

        • ConnieConnie says:

          Let me give you a hint. If LIZ teach your class, she is SherWin’s student, she join one or two batch before me, she join our class for one of the topic she miss, that is how I get to know her.
          You should ask her, SherWin has promoted her to be his Senior Wedding Planner, I learn from the victims that come to me, she teach their class, they question her and get to know she has never plan a wedding before. Nevertheless since SherWin has promoted her to be Senior Wedding Planner ever if she has totally no experience at all, I assume she is in the good book of his and she get fresh new leads from him, ask her about it.

          • ttan says:

            Liz introduced herself as having 5 to 6 years of wedding planner experiences, and she’s doing average 8 weddings every year. I have taken issues with her because the quality of the teaching is super horrible! She just copy&paste information from internet, then reads of the ppt slides, and not even bothers to format the slides properly. Any questions we ask she replies “what do you think” or “that’s for you to find our yourself” types of answer,

  19. Anonymous says:


    I’m from the Feb 2013 batch of students. Me and my friends would like to touch base with you to find out more as we are encountering the same issues. Please do contact me at asap! Thank you so much.

  20. Nov 2012 says:

    Hi xxxxxxxx, Apart from Connie, I don’t see anyone’s full name here. You seems to have got into some bad scuffle with Sherwin the way you have wrote. Have you left the class? Can share with us your bad experience?

    • Anonymous says:

      We have not finalized the situation yet. That’s why we wanted to find out more from you?
      Anyway, please do me a kind favour and remove my name from the comment box?

      • ConnieConnie says:

        In that case please feel free to come back to update us on the status of your batch every now and then, he will be pressure to fulfilled his promises and hopefully do the right thing because all eye is on him now. I have already replace your name with Anonymous.

  21. cast says:

    Hi Cornie,

    Me and my girls are from the June 2012 batch. Experienced all you have mentioned and our group is going to do a police report coming Wednesday. In fact I believe you have met with one of my group girls. Do keep in touch for further action or progress on persuading this matter with him.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi there
      Just one important information for you, he change his company name to “Bewitched Weddings” and he even change his name from SherWin Lee to Win Lee, remember to include his new name when you file your report.

  22. One of victim says:

    I am one of the victim from mid yr 2012 as well…hope keep in the loop abt this…readers out there,wat connie described is true…thx for voicing out

  23. Iamthelucky1 says:

    Hi, I have attended the career talk and went for the interview. I am lucky that I am not chosen by them and become one of the victim. (I wonder how he choose the victim)

    During the talk I already sense something is not right from that lady name Sarah (Fock Wei Shan) but I choose to ignore it as it is not a big matter as Win Lee is really a good speaker who know how to ‘brainwash’ people. He did created a very beautiful picture into our mind to make us trust him and believe that joining his company is a right choice to peruse our dream. that’s why we are more then willing to pay the amount to attend the courses that he mentioned.

    Went to the interview 2 days later. I have asked him some questions but instead of giving me a clear answer, he was just trying to beat around the bush. This make me feel that he is even more suspicious.

    I feel really sorry for those who have been cheated, pls feel free to contact me if you need me to help in any way. I am more then willing to help as I can’t stand both of them (Win Lee and Sarah) going around cheating people hard enough money and going around the world enjoying themselves! (seeing their Facebook really make me even more pissed off)

    I believe there will be ways to pull down their fake mask even the law cannot take into action. We have to let the world knows asap so that there will be no more victims will get cheated again!

    I encourage everyone who have encounter in this scam to step out together. Those victims who have been keeping silent, please be brave and work together with us as the more people’s to step out the higher change we can pull them down and make them pay back !

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi there
      Thank you for your sharing, would like to check with you when was career talk? was it recently? was the career talk conducted under the company name BeWitched Weddings or DoWed?

      • Iamthelucky1 says:

        Hi Connie,

        I attended the career talk on 10/7, just 2 weeks ago. It’s under company name Bewitched Weddings. Unfortunately, the web site already closed down.

        I would like to know how’s is your the progress of this case now. please feel free to contact me through my e mail. As I have something to share.

        Thank you!

  24. Nov Batch 2012 says:


    I am from the nov batch and I am sure you have met some of my course mates before. I have contacted a lawyer and she says we maybe able to pursue this case. The larger the number, the better the case will be. Kindly, drop me an email if you are interested.

    At the same time, I would like to call out to other batches who have been scammed and are interested in coming in as well.


  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi. I was a victim too together with my 8 classmates. He is really an irresponsible guy.

  26. 2012 batch says:

    Hi Connie,

    Faced the same issue too and i’m from 2012 jan batch. Signed up for floral course paid for it and needless to say, did not get anything till now. Some of us gave up halfway after all of the excuses and empty promises. Do drop me an email to check more on dowed.

  27. may 2012 says:


    I believe my batch and I are very keen to go into this case. Do drop me the details needed or how we c an help.

  28. 2012 says:


    Really thanks to him that we are now sceptical about taking another Wedding Course.

    For all who thinks they still have hope with him… do think again and good luck to them. Even with the certificate, it is useless!

    • ConnieConnie says:

      I totally agree with you, on top of his training quality it bad, he actually issue certificate without completing the course, those who took the certificate actually does not have the require knowledge and experience to do the job, if they use the certificate to try to get a wedding planner job, I hope they are aware that it make them no different from SherWin, they are scammer themselves too. Sigh…..

  29. 2010 batch says:

    Sherwin is indeed a experience wedding planner. However, as a mentor /tutor it will be otherwise.
    Connie is speaking the truth. I am 1 of the victim too who had enrolled into his 2010 class.
    What Connie described was very similar to what we were going thru. As we were his pioneer batch of students, i thought that it will improve over times, but apparently it didn’t even till now.
    We were persistent that he should award us with a certificate, despite of what happened and it took a long time for us to get our certificate.
    My 2 cents worth of comment for your consideration in taking up his classes.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Before I enroll for this course, I did a google check on DoWed and SherWin but I did not find any negative comment.
      I would like to check with you did anybody from your batch do anything about it or did they just choose to walk away? How much was the course fee? How many are in your class?

  30. Unhappy student says:

    Hi girls,
    Not So shocked to read about Do wed and Sherwin. It had to happen sooner or later. This scam has been going on from 2011. That was when we had our class.
    How come he still has the same excuses of renovation and aircon down . You girls had it a little better. We paid $3500 and had only 10 lessons. No seminars and absolutely no leads. We all got fed up and stopped going. Kudos to you girls for bringing this up. He just stopped messaging us and then no communication at all. But YES he does have time to go partying at ATTICA VIP lounge. That’s where our money went and the frequent overseas trips.

  31. Same situation says:

    how can i contact u

  32. JK says:

    hi dear. we are in the same plight. my batch includes 5 gals who never get any $$$ back for sub standard lessons. We did demanded refund and to report him to CASE but he refused to bother. how can we join you to ask for compensation.

  33. Maggie Nov 2010 says:

    Hi Connie,

    I’m keen in joining this case. Please contact me of the details. I joined the batch in 2010 November. We did tell him that we were unhappy with his course but he said there won’t be any refund since we attended more than half of his course.

  34. JK Nov 2010 says:

    we started in Nov 2010. Total 6 of us. 5 of us never get refunded for the course fee that was not delivered. Do send me a email so that we can get in touch.
    This guy is too much. We thought we are the only class that he is not able to commit due to his heavy wedding planning schedule. Didnt realised so many of us are bluffed.

    • JL Sept 2011 says:

      Join us the Sept 2011 batch to make a police report next week.
      With or without receipts, we will get justice back !

      Call me at 9880 2177 for details.

  35. YXL batch 2011 says:

    I am from his 2010 batch. i strongly agree with what connie has written on the blog, can you imagine his excuse for cancelling the class never change for the past 3 years ( both his new and old location give the same problem, well done!). My batch and the batch after us did not finish our course as he went MIA and did not update us on the make-up class, and the course fee we paid is dfinitely more than what is mention above. We decide not to pursue this matter as we thought other course mates are doing fine with him, and he insist not refunding us the money. it was until today, after reading the blog, i was surprise to know many students are unhappy with him too. I hope those who are with him now, try to get your money and get out of the shit place, 1) you will not learn anything from him, just learn online will do. 2) as the lessons going to the end, he will den disappear , and not giving you the cert. 3) why be the sponsor for all his eroupe, NYC, japan, bali trips.
    i read the news today and was very happy on what the girls has did, good job! if any help is needed, feel free to email me.

  36. Xyz says:

    Hi, I am from batch 2011…pls email me. Thanx…

  37. 2012 says:

    Hi Connie

    Thanks for doing the report with ST.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      No problem, I am just fulfilling my society responsibility to alert the public, I hope all others will do the same, scammer needs to know we can fight back too, we don’t walk away so easily.

  38. Fireball says:

    Hi Connie,

    Really grateful to your blog on this – great!!. Got to know this in today Strait Times and also my course-mate. I’m from his 2012 batch and we went thru same as what you described. Only word I can say is speechless and total disappointed,. was full of respect for this mentor but however as classes moved on it turned into more disappointments and anger, from respect to hate.

    We would very much like to claimed back some losses and also to obtain copy of certificate……but doubt so. Empty promises time and again. Indeed we need to fight our rights. Thanks

  39. dil says:

    I belong to the batch apr 2012. the said LIZ joined our group midway. dowed did her wedding n she became sherwin’s pet. yes.. he has conned since 2011 n likely to continue con more unless we stand united n do something. appreciate ur views.

  40. Batch 2011 Aug says:

    Hi Connie

    Finally some justice brought to light. Our class was let down and also one of his victims. we need to join force to stop a scammer like him. pls keep in touch.

  41. Apr 2012 batch says:

    hi all. from April 2012 batch. what Connie says is totally true and exactly what my batch faced. we are all looking for an alternative to stop WIN LEE (whose name is Sherwin lee) and Sarah (known to us as Fock Wei San) and LIZ ( who is our classmate, and the “chosen one” where as the rest of us are presumed to be not interested in his own Thot. it’s a total waste of money and time. to be frank. I doubt there is much weddings done by that company and that these lessons are his passive income for his VIP in Attica and holidays. look thru arca and see the number of company names he changed. read tday’s straits time to see a fact that we are all saying here. there is too much to complain but it’s all the same as the above. all the empty promises and all the misleading hopes and prospects.

    aside from this, Suzanne. able to contact me? I wanna know how he’s conducting his lessons now. and what can we do abt it. thanks 🙂

  42. Victim from Nov 2012 batch says:

    Hi Connie,

    Thanks for sharing. I’m from the Nov 2010 batch too.
    Let us know if you’re keen to meet up. Perhaps we can organize a meet up session with all the other batches and discuss on how to proceed. I believe with this huge number of victims, we should be able to work something out to get our money back, or at least bring some justice to this. Thanks!

  43. Prata Love says:

    Well well, finally the cat is out of the bag, and thanks to Connie all these came into light. what we all need to do is to make sure sherwin lee and his accomplice girl friend who has equal share in this scam, bring to justices and make sure they can never open another one of these cheating scam!!!!

    Lastly, you can throw away the certificate he issue it is worthless no other wedding planners in any industry will honor it!!!

  44. JL Sep 2012 says:

    Hi fellow course mates,

    Thanks for your updates.

    I’m from the Sept 2011 batch.
    Exactly same situation as the rest of you guys.

    My 9 fellow classmates, all kept quiet all these while as we thought we had no receipts and cannot do anything about the whole issue, until we read the ST article and started to search online for similiar grievances!!

    So relieved we are not the only ones suffering in silence !!

    $2600 is our hard earned money and no one has the right to swindle our money this way ! It’s really unethical !

    My entire class will be reporting the case to police and media next week.

    For those of you in previous batches, please contact me at 9880 2177 if you also want to meet up to report the matter to police or media.

    We will go all the way to get our hard earned money back, from police to CASE to media to legal, no matter what !

    The guy obviously has a track record of swindling laymen like us from 2010 til 2013 !

    Same tactics all these years !

    If his conscience is really clear as he proclaimed ‘didn’t manage expectations’ as stated in the newspaper article, why close down previous company and change name ?

    Unity is strength !
    We will get our justice back !

    Call me and we can all join forces to get our hard earned money back together !

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Hi JL
      Yes, he is very clever in words, he blame the course cancellation on his vendor, for our batch, I have his course schedule to prove all the undelivered courses are actual his responsible to deliver, his vendor’s courses are delivered without delay.

      It is good to fight back then suffer in silence to let the scammer continue to enjoy life on our hard earn money.
      Please remember to go to the police in a big group, don’t forget to tag your report to our report number A/20130703/2195.

  45. Anonymous 2010 batch says:

    Hi all, i think you girls are so brave. I rep my girls from one of the pioneer batches in early 2010. We all went for a preview session, was given the impression that he had taught for very long and that each class would only consist of 4-5 students for more direct coaching. Turns out that we were one out of 3 classes from the pioneer batch and my class had 9 students.

    In the more pioneer times, we were told that for a course fee of $2500, the course will last for 4 months every week, we will be given opportunities to present proposals, to work at real weddings, to learn from industry players like learning makeup, floristry, gown sketching, and the most attractive of all, at our final assignment, we would meet a real couple who would sit down with us, pick one of our proposals and the one who gets picked, not only gets to work with the couple on their wedding, but also gets half of the package returned! How attractive right?

    Turns out pretty much the same as the rest of you girls but i guess you girls got it worse than us somehow. We not only had lessons pushed back, our course that was supposed to last 4 months, ended up 9months later. Most of the time we weren’t learning anything concrete, alot of it was motivational talk, but fine, i guess if we had to do on the job learning so be it. But what irk us most was that his so-called real wedding exposures turn out that we had to act as usherers at weddings. The first real wedding that we helped in, turned out just as decorators, usherers, reception helpers. Only 2-3 people had the privilege to manage timings. The second wedding was worse, we laid plates, decorate the venue and that’s all. How is that exposure to real weddings? We don’t get to talk to the couple, manage no wedding, what are we supposed to learn? We felt like free labourers.

    And of course, that real exam never happened. Instead he just got 2 of his friends to sit in and be judge to our proposals and he gave like a voucher to whoever had the best proposal. We never ever had a real couple to work with, we didnt have that gown sketching class ever, not even after we graduate.

    We once tried to discuss the issue of his lessons hopping because we were all working adults with our own timings and schedule. Since it’s already pre-planned that a certain day every week would be lesson time, why does it change so randomly? Also our course never seem to finish.

    While we had felt so upset about all these happenings, we merely encouraged each other that we would just take it that we had paid $2.5k to learn how not to be a wedding planner like him. I am very encouraged that you girls have so bravely spoken up, something which we hadn’t dared to. I am not sure how speaking up would help us get anything back, but being deeply encouraged by all of you, i think it’s time we share what happened even way back. Thank you so much for coming together.

    • ConnieConnie says:

      Thank you very much for your sharing, when you are the free labour for him, did he pay you? Provide transport or meals at work?
      I guess we all know by speaking up we will not get back anything, not sure if it is the failure of our Education system or family value (家敎), most of the people are not aware they have society responsibility (社会责任)?
      The reason I publish this scam is to alert the public so that they will not fall into the same trap and I am happy to know I did safe many from being scam.
      Some victim share their story with me and I am sad to learn some were jobless but they use their only saving to attend this course hoping to learn a skill and earn back their life saving.
      Some went to get a loan to pay for this course.
      I don’t know how SherWin[Win Lee] and Fock Wei San[Sarah] can live with all these poor people’s hard earn money and be happy for the rest of their life (良心何在?).
      I am so angry that I want to also blame their parents for not teaching them the right family value but back in my mind I guess perhaps their parent are innocent, they probably are equally up set about their kid has turn into such terrible person (社会败类).

    • Same batch as Anonymous (2010) says:

      Just to add on, he even told us that there will be wine n cheese during classes. He made the class sounds so atas, and guess what we got? Green tea n some cheap kuehs/ curry puffs!

      The suppose to be “graduation project” for us was really a huge joke. He described the $100k wedding to be a super grand and super nice one. But when we were there, Holy cow! sorry to say that but ermm.. the venue looks like a funeral and loads of things were not done! Best thing was, the couple had no complaints and they LOVED it!

      Seriously, Sherwin? Things are not even ready when guests are streaming in?? BIG no no for events!! Come on!!! Are u sure you know what event planning is?!

      I seriously hope he read this and wake up his bloody sick mind on using the students’ course fees to pay for his freaking expensive hotels, trips and his FUGLY tattoos!!

  46. June 2013 batch says:

    Hi there,

    i attended his career talk on 26/6/13 and he painted a really good picture abt his company and evthg. It is my dream to be a wedding planner and i got so inspired by him. But now, i feel disgusted with this whole issue.

    I did pay the $2.5k of course fee. But the training keep on delaying to commence and weisan mentioned that it is due to the vendors. She mention that the vendor is not willing to start the class if it is less than 10 pax.

    And eventually, on 20/7/13, she send me a sms that the company has ran into some issues and not able to recruit or start the course but she will refund the $2.5k (and she did).

    I suppose at that time, this case has been brought up to the authority. If you need any help with this, pls contact me. I think i still have the receipt with me. i dont know if it will be useful to you.

    • Suz says:


      I have attended the career talk end June 2013 and paid for the course. But Wei san nvr mention anything about the company and our class still carry on. Today only i realised that Sherwin never give any lessons to the classes but he told us that he is giving lessons for another class. He is such a liar!!!!

  47. Victim of 2012 says:

    Hi I’m from June 2012 batch. Thanks for the awesome blog! Will like to join you in this case. So how do we move on from here. Do contact me at my email.

  48. Feb 2010 batch says:

    I was one of his students from his pioneer batch in 2010. We did experience the same experience as all of you. The reason as to why we did not take any actions or do anything was simply because after discussion, we decided to walk away. There’s a point in time we contemplated going to CASE, but after months and months of pestering we got out Cert from him and hence we decided to not do anything and carry on with our own lives. As we are the pioneer batch, the way he teaches and the basis of the course is slightly different. Just like how the others from 2010 batches mentioned, we were promised opportunities to managed weddings, but eneded up being helpers at the wedding. Another thing is we are mostly watching Martha Stewart DVD on most of our classes, when i have the collection myself. Somehow i feel that the sunsequent batches got it worse than us simply coz he felt thay its easy money and none of us complained… and hes too busy enjoying life with the money he got from all of us.

    • ttan says:

      my batch is the same. everyone just resigned to bad luck. they think it’s too much hassle to take action over $2,500 even though half of them have just freshly graduated from school, and most of the other half have resigned from their jobs. it’s really easy money. i feel like the rest of us here can all come together to do it too, lol.

  49. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I do think that you ought to write more on this issue, it might not be a taboo matter but generally people do not speak about such issues. To the next! Many thanks!!

  50. su says:

    I’m so thankful that I came across your website. I was interested to learn about the WP industry and send him so many emails, called him to register my interest but THANK GOD! he never got back to me and my interests died off. Now that I read about all the bad things he has done, I will stay away from this name ever. Thank you for voicing out. This kind of person should be shamed and name should be spread to other warn potential victims.

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