Nagative Lons Apparels Make You Healthier and Younger


Nagative Lons Apparels Make You Healthier and Younger.

I personally think this is great gift for the elderly, in the past Mom always complain to me the air-condition in her room is too cold, if she don’t turn it on, it is too hot in the room.  

She would wake up many time in the night to adjust the air-condition or turn on the fan, at her age, she has lots of complain about sleeping, her friend recommended this produce to her, she been wearing it every night ever since, I don’t hear her complain about the room temperature anymore and she can sleep soundly till morning without waking up middle of the night.

So if you have parents that are having the same problem with sleeping, this is a great gift to them.  It cost about $500+ for full set which include long sleeve blouse and long pants, it is not cheap but it is really worlth it.


I only know this company carry such wonderful product: Nefful Singapore Holding Pte Ltd, if you are really interesed to buy the product, leave me a note, I will ask Mom for the full details.


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