No moral education plus wrong use of new media equal suicide


No moral education plus wrong use of new media equal suicide

Lately there is news reported that students now a days are into suicides games.  And I wonder is this a trend.  Back in my days in school sniffing super glue was an in things compare to doing drugs.  But of late, the report about what school children are doing to each other is really shocking.  

It is reported that some students from New Town Secondary School are taking part in a dangerous choking game have been counsel now, even posted a online video on Sunday showing a student at a void deck choking two male students in school uniform until  they collapsed on the floor.

The choking game involves cutting off blood flow to the brain for a short while to experience a brief high.  Wong Yu Yuh, principal of New Town Secondary School, said staff saw the video stills, which were posted on citizen journalism website Stomp and alerted the school.  She told The Straits Times, “The school takes a serious view of the matter as the students’ lives could have been endangered.  They say they have spoken to all students in the school and explained the dangers of engaging in such activities,” she pointed out, adding that their teachers are on the lookout for any other students who could be involved in such acts. 

The Ministry of Education said in a statement on Monday that it does not track such incidents and is not aware of any fatalities in schools arising from such activities. “We encourage parents to work closely with schools to identify and manage such behaviour,” it said, adding that it will follow up with the schools where necessary. 

According to doctors, the choking game, which has been around in the west for years, is dangerous as it stops blood flow to the brain, killing brain cells. As a result, the person might suffer from serious brain damage and even die

In a 2008  New York Times report, at least 82 children in the United States have died in recent years from the choking game, citing data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Signs that show someone is playing the game include having bloodshot eyes, marks on the neck, severe headaches and disorientation after spending time alone. 

This is alerting news, but from the comments that I read I actually was even shock to learn that this kind of suicides games has been played 30 years ago from some students then who are now parents themselves. 

Cindy wrote: An episode of Criminal Minds on Ch 5 aired sometime back shown how the Choking Game killed many seemingly mentally health teens which sparked off an investigation. I never think we could have it happening here in our tiny island, Singapore. 

Period wrote: Why oh why are young people picking up stupid stunts like this? planking is gone, owling is gone, bat manning fortunately, did not caught on in our country, now this stupid nonsense?!  Come on lah, what you need is an adventure, not a misadventure, certainly NOT something as silly, stupid, retarded, “gong dai”, bodoh, as this “fad” or stunt or whatever you call it. go to outward bound if you like thrills. better yet, go volunteer yourself in some Home and do yourself a good deed or two. 

Peter Pan wrote: Now a day parent is busy earning money. They think that money is a great solver. They have forgotten that money can also kill.

Siti Mulianah wrote: I do not blame education system or, very much, the kids. They are just simply been exposed to the uncontrollable media and all they do is try…  The young are always curious, adventurous and loves to explore. Only thing, whatever they are watching and trying needs to be known. Still, its not an easy task. Then or now, the young are the same. Only the environment and surroundings have changed. So we adults have to be updated and find out what our kids are watching, learning, trying, etc. As parents, most responsibility been laid on us. 

Khin wrote: Singapore is almost cover by concrete jungle, that these young people now does not have much thing to do. only from the internet is the thing that they can do and copy, and this has make their brain becoming useless and rotten when they has nothing to do. 

Ask Why wrote: This acts are attempt to kill or commit suicide..very smart just spell this as a game to escape from laws.. 

Boo wrote: These things that kids do nowadays can turn them into murders or skill killers or creating more gangsters. Dear MOE, Parents, Teachers, Guidance and Govt….. BE AWARE!!!!!! 

Bdlsalam wrote: Choking is dangerous! when I was just 7 years old, many student like to choke me and some even hang my throat with a rope up a small tree and tied my hand at the back.WOW, lucky I didn’t died from that experience and also my leg is still on the ground but one slip and Im a goner. After the group left, I managed to released myself. Just because Im the smallest among them, doesn’t mean Im stupid. Thanks to ALLAH,Im still alive. Now that Im bigger and stronger, they will think twice before messing around with me,Captain America!! 

Na Na wrote: Parents and Schools, time to reflect what is going on with our moral teachings.. So many gd cause waiting for us to support.In the midst of strive for material and academic excellence we forgot to teach them how to be wholesome person . These newer generations are seek perverse attention..Sigh!! All of us need to wake up. Stop loving our children blindly with material stuff and put effort in loving them right.. 

Kumar wrote: What is the mentality of kids these days? Years ago where technology was backdated and unorthodox regimental teaching methods were practiced, I can’t remember children being involved in activities such as this. A simple search on the net would reveal this ….”The carotid arteries (on either side of the neck) carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the brain. When these are compressed, as in strangulation or hanging, the sudden loss of oxygen to the brain and the accumulation of carbon dioxide can increase feelings of giddiness, lightheadedness, and pleasure, all of which will heighten masturbatory sensations.”

So is this a new trend with our young society where different methods are engaged to feel the same pleasure as sexual stimulation since engaging in sexual act is frowned upon?

So we succeeded in preventing these kids from engaging in pre-marital sex but then…….started something way more deadly….. 

Chuang wrote: Never mind if they die as a result, the worst thing that can happen is if they get brain-damaged and their parents have to care for them for the rest of their lives. These idiots should be caned on stage as a warning to the rest. 

Well, from the comments it look like perhaps with new media and technology that has bring convenient to us in our daily life and keep us well informed about things around us which is good. But there are the darker side, if we do not use it wisely, owner children and us could be learning the very wrong things from it which can potentially leads to fatal results. On the other hand having no or not enough moral education in school mean kids do not relate and respect people and life. perhaps what has been missing in the school syllabus in our current education system should include this subjects rather then chasing the results of a child performance in school.


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