Should I allow my maid to send cartons of things home?


Should I allow my maid to send cartons of things home?

My experience tells me that it is a big NO. There is no reason that they should buy things here to send back as the cost of living here is much higher than in their home country, buying shampoo, soap, tooth bush, can food, clothes here to send back does not make sense.Send cartons home

Many of my maids who do not send cartons home told me it is totally stupid to do this unless the carton of things that they send home are all free gifts.

Therefore when your maid tries to convince you to allow her to send things home, you have to find out why and what she wants to send home. If it is a birthday present, they can send a small package but never a big carton.

If she tells you it is because all her ex-employers allow her to do so, this does not mean you are obligated to do the same.

Emphasise to her that this is your house rules and it is listed in the house rules guide that was given to her on her first day of work.

Shopping in your home

At the same time it also reduce the risk that your maid will start shopping in your home to try to fill that empty big carton she is trying to send back home.

Do not think by setting a rule to let you check before she seals and sends will work, their way of packing things into the carton will leave you no room to check.

They basically wrap and roll everything up and tie it with many rubber bands as tight as possibwrapping methodle. The reason they give is to save space and you cannot be asking them to unwrap and take out everything in the carton to repack again when the courier man is waiting there to pick it up.

If you do not open each wrapped item to check, it is as good as not checking, things that belong to you are usually wrapped.  This is my experience of being robbed by my maid, therefore never ever allow your maid to send big cartons home.

You may say you can check a day before. Provided after you check and seal it, you keep the carton in your room and lock it up every time you leave. Otherwise, she can always reopen it and put in more items.

If you really have no choice but to allow it, you have to take note of the following:

– Does your shampoo, soap, canned food or etc. that is consumed in the house suddenly running out very quickly?

– Do the home appliances spoil often during this period of time and when you trash them, do you find them being picked up and placed into the carton to ship home?

– Does your clothes suddenly have stains on them so that you cannot wear them anymore and again you trash them and find them in the carton boxes? 

– Does the can food have dents in it which make you think it cannot be consumed anymore and thus, have to trash it, found in the carton boxes?Dented can food

The above are the incidents we encountered when we agreed to let our maid send cartons home. Therefore it is now my house rule to not allow maids to send cartons home and not allow maid to pick up anything we trash.   I will also not give my stained clothes to my maids anymore.

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  1. 上海三文鱼 says:

    would you install camera at certain place in your house ? I have such experience that money disappear at home, and have no chance to find them out any more. The only suspect is maid , but we have no evidence to prove it, so just install the machine around the cabinet and make sure othe person won’t notice it at all.

  2. Tera says:

    Yes, you are right, the only way is to install camera, the camera do not lie.

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