Should I allow my maid to talk freely at home?


Should I allow my maid to talk freely at home?

 Maids have been taught to always reply ‘Yes Ma’am’ to their employer. This does not mean they do not have freedom to talk at home.  

no freedom to speak Most people who do not hire a maid have the impression that the maids do not have freedom to talk freely at home. In fact it is the opposite, during the re-training period, they are more vocal than us.  If they are not happy to change, they will show us their black face and will walk away when we are talking half-way. Some even cry and shout at us, after that they run into their rooms and lock themselves up and threaten to quit.  On the other hand as an employer, we are expected to be understanding, we can only blame it on ourselves for not managing them well.

 In order to avoid such incidents from happening, we have to encourage them to express themselves in a proper manner, weekly or monthly we will have meeting sessions.

For the first few meetings, I have to encourage her to speak up as this type of communication practice is not common to them and they may not feel comfortable speaking up.  During the meeting I make it clear to her that if she doesn’t tell me, I will never know what she is thinking about, so it is best that she makes use of the opportunity to voice out as there is no right or wrong and everybody can have their opinion. The important thing is we have to be open to new ideas, to learn, to discover and to use the best practice to do things. 


I will make clear to her the work schedule that I have planned for her may not be perfect and if she find a better way to improve it, I will be more than happy to make necessary changes under one condition, I have to first get the consent from my mom because she is the most experienced in this area and she has her reasons for why and how things have to be done at a particular time and in a particular way, I will have to explain to her slowly and clearly.


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