Should I eat with my maid?


Should I eat with my maid? ‪

Why not is the normal reaction we get from most people?  Yes, they are normal employees just like many of us, but usually we will leave it to her to decide, there are pro and cons if she eat with you or not, read on to find out….

On our new maid’s first day of work, we will invite her to have dinnFood for maider with us in the dining room where we eat the same food on the same dining table.

The good thing about eating together is:

∙ We do not to have put food aside specially for her. If she doesn’t like those dishes, the food will be wasted.‪

∙ We are in control and must ensure we finish everything on the table. It is also easy for Mom to plan how much to cook for each meal

∙ At the same time she can observe our table manners and practice the same so when we bring her out for formal dinner, she is more confident to eat with others

‪. We get to chat and catch up with daily happenings over dinner.

. We get to know what she likes, what she doesn’t, her eating habit and hobbies, etc.Formal Chinese dinner

. We can take our time to finish our meal and stay on to chat a while after dinner, since we do not have to worry about her not getting her dinner early.

. If unfortunately you employed a maid with attitude and she is cooking dinner, by observing what she eats during dinner, you can tell if your food is safe to consume.

One of my maids prefers to eat after us in the kitchen because she has the freedom to decide when she wants to eat and if she wants to finish all the dishes or keep some for breakfast the next day.

She also told us she feels more comfortable eating alone as she can decide how many bowls of rice she wants to eat.


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