In Response To The Recent Public Transport Break Down and Fare Hike!!!!


Yo! Yo! Hey, guys just have to watch this tube, might just learn something here, hopefully a voice for us but in a different tune, since the pen has no power to draw the authorities any attention!!! 

Especially with all the recent increases and break down in public transports. I appreciate very much Toh Yifan (Tzire) and the whole team for putting this up. Thank you again!!!

This is what I call Singapore talent … Enjoy!!! 

SMRT / ComfortDelgro Rant Rap (Response To MP Seng Han Thong) Ft. Joe Expat — Tzire

Check out this video on YouTube:


See I hardly even take, the MRT, 
But when I did it had to break down on my way to Clarke Quay, 
And I couldn’t even drink my Dasani, 
If not I would be fined enough to trade off my car keys, 
Stuck on the train, I wanted to pee, 
So bad, I was so mad, why it happened to me, 
But then I saw it differently, had an epiphany, 
Now let me take this opportunity to flame SMRT,
And also ComfortDelgro and the Ministry of Transportation, 
Two heavyweights at extorting the nation,
Of our money, through increasing fares, 
And increasing stress cos our pay is increasing less, 
And now my life is meaning less, 
When everytime I board the bus and tap my card I pay 14 more cents, 
Because of this, my whole life is really messed, SMRT best.

But to add oil to fire, even the cab fares have raised, 
So now it’s not just bus and train problems we face, 
Cos the peak hour duration for Comfort cabs have been lengthened,
And that in turn, has caused my willpower to live be strengthened, 
But no matter how strong I am, it doesn’t really matter, 
When trains are breaking down in tunnels, it’s cause for chatter, 
Cos people could die in there, there’s no lying there, 
You don’t expect Superman to help us and fly in there. 

So to SMRT, treat this as a lesson, 
From my opinion, this problem shouldn’t be too pressin,
Or stressin ’cause this is your job, your profession, 
If it happens again, you better lower our concession. 
But to be fair, us Singaporeans should be aware, 
How we’re overreacting ’cause these accidents are rare, 
Cos SMRT has served us well over the years, 
It’s just one major mistake, lets not be harsh or fierce.

But I completely changed that thought when I saw MP Seng Han Thong, 
He should really wear a thong ’cause he’s getting everything wrong, 
Putting the blame on people in a racist way, 
Regardless on what basis, it won’t get you places, hey!
So if the system doesn’t change, I really hate to say, 
But on this lovely island, I may be afraid to stay 
So I’ll stop here and let my American friend continue, 
His public transport experience he wants to share with you, 

Joe Expat: 
While you were stuck in that tunnel on that MRT, 
I was lounging in Comfort paying the ERP
And while I was ride all alone down the AYE
The driver kept on saying that the fares are too steep
Said that even when it’s raining — his car is emp-ty
That the passengers couldn’t pay him — half the time this week
Couldn’t cover his own rental — on these lonely streets
His talk was making me mental — about to put me to sleep
But he told me my charges — I almost weeped
Couldn’t pay my fare — my pocket ain’t that deep
Have to be a millionaire — to ride during the peak
So next time I”ll just take my chances on the MRT…

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