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It is essential to teach your maid how to cut fruits too. Even common fruits like oranges might be cut too big or too small, which make it very hard to eat.  They are also not aware that after cutting apples, they can put it into salt water to prevent apples from turning yellow.  Most of the melons & papaya should be cut into cube for easy consumption.  For watermelons, they should sprinkle a little bit of salt to sweeten it. 

There are some fruits that they might not know about, such as dragon fruit, strawberry, kiwi, jack fruit, pomelo, guava, mandarin oranges, etc. They need to be educated on how to cut or peel them.

One of my maids has been working in Lebanon for 3 years before I hired her. She was taught to add Dettol to the dish washer to wash dishes. If you do not like the strong smell of Dettol, this is something you need to clarify with her.


I learned from my mom that one of the maids uses floor cleaner to wash our clothes. Not to worry since it was not on intentional. 

Back home, they only use water to mop their floor. Here we add “Clorox” floor cleaner to the water before we mop the floor. The tricky part here is “Clorox” is used as detergent to wash clothes in their country.

They do not know that “Clorox” has a floor cleaner product as well. Therefore, when my maid saw “Clorox”, which is a familiar brand to her, she automatically assumes it is the “Clorox” they use back home to wash clothes. So our clothes have been washed using floor cleaner for a few days until we found out the mistake.   Ha ha ha!

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