Teaching your maid progressively


house workTeaching your maid progressively

When a new maid joins us, for the first three to six months, we will let her familiarise herself with her work area and duties listed on the work schedule. 
After six months of service, we will slowly start to teach her new things. The first will be imposing three basic concepts:

– complete the task on time
– complete the task in the fastest way
– complete the task in the most cost saving way

At the same time, we explain to her she has to learn to remember and be aware of how we put our things.  To help her remember it better, we try to explain to her why it was kept this way.  It is because it is the most convenient & efficient position when we use it or it is because we already had it there for the past ten years.  Even if we close our eyes, we know where the item was placed, so she should not try to change the location for us, and we expect her to put things back in that order.‪

When she has been with us for about a year, we train her on logical thinking, initiative and thinking one step ahead in doing things. For example: 

After we finish a box of chocolate, we place the chocolate box in the kitchen with the thought that she would know that if we wanted to trash it, we would not place the chocolate box in the kitchen. 

She should have the initiative to wash the chocolate box without having us to tell her. And after the box dry up, she should be able to think one step ahead and know that we won’t need the chocolate box now, but we may need it in the future. From six months ago, she should have learnt to remember where we keep our things.  She should know where to keep the box so that when we need it, we are able to find it.

Teach your maid progressively

We have to remember that our maids are normal people like us.  After you teach your maid a new skill, be patient and give her time to digest and put it to practise.  Never expect over night changes.  Thus, it is better to teach progressively so that they won’t be over loaded with too much information and become fearful.  This type of additional stress is not necessary.


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