The challenges in private estate parking


Today I read in the forum, a resident in a private estate having difficulty looking for parking along the road outside his house, especially when he has visitors because most of the owners in his estate are placing their dustbins and flower pots on the road to reserve space for their cars or some simply do not allow anyone to park their car along their house. private estate parking

This forum interest me to debate because, I am in the same boat as the writer in that forum, I also live in a private estate, I also have neighbors who can see the fact that, they need to learn how to live harmoniously with one another in a small estates. 

I believe this happened in many part of asia. As being asian, we are very self-center individual by enlarge. Perhaps is because of our up bringing, we developed this habits of not knowing our rights but want to believe we own them. Just like a dog going about the estates and pee on every trees, dustbins and car tyre just to mark their invisible territory to let other dogs knows, he has been here and he own these places. How strange, we often point our finger at the dogs for their bad habits, but never look at the mirror to see that we are no different from them. 

In Singapore there is such a thing call fines or summon. Only the relevant authority can issue tickets if you goes again the rules or break it. Most roads in Singapore are public road belonging to the states, they are marked with either white or yellow lines. 

Straight white lines mean no parking at all times, While white breaking line mean you can park but only after certain hours in a day and double yellow lines mean no parking at all time on both side of the road. Then what about those without any lines draw on the road? Ah! that mean you can park freely at all times, usually these unmarked road are located in private estates. 

In my estate for instant, only straight white lines are draw on the road to indicate no parking at all times. But yet, people still park their cars outside these road, because they do not have enough space in their own drive way to park their cars, that happen to almost every houses in private estates, as most of them has more then one or two cars in their house. However, there are people who can not be bother and too self-center, they only look after their own interest and not others in the estate.

 Angry face dog

These are the people who will park all their cars on public road and not one car is in their own drive way, just like three of my neighbors. They will rather leave it vacant or treat it as a play ground. Whatever are their reasons, they obviously do not believe in living harmoniously in their estate. Then there are those who, like the resident in that forum experience, place objects outside the public road along their house to warn people not to park along their house which happen to be a public road. Others challenging step often use by certain residents is by taking up a space that can allow two cars to be park. 

It is never a pleasant thing, neighborliness become distance and nobody will look after nobody interest should anything happen in their estate. 

What can the authority like the Land Transport Authority do about this kind of situation? Is there a way to educated residents to think not only about themselves but also others in the estate? I have one suggestion. May I suggest that perhaps the Land Transport Authority should convent these public roads to paid public parking lots, so that the residents and visitors to the estate who need a car park can have a chance to park their cars. I can not think of a better solution to it, can you think of one?


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