The possible merge with the Tiger and Lion City


The possible merge with the Tiger and Lion City

At the Singapore Global Dialogue a Malaysian citizen ask Mr Lee if he foresees both countries coming to a political or economic union as Indonesia grows in strength.  

The reply was it is unlikely that Singapore and Malaysia will merge in time to come, having gone through a failed merger in the 1960s, said former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on Thursday. Mr Lee, however, noted a “positive development” between both countries. With Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak bringing forth a “positive view of bilateral relations” by developing the Iskandar region in southern Johor and using Singapore as “a kind of Shenzhen”, Mr Lee said, “(This) means a complementary set of forces will be let loose, which will make it unprofitable for either side to be unfriendly.”  

He added, “You want our investments, we want to invest. Having invested, we don’t want problems with Malaysia, and Malaysia which wants more investments will not give us problems. So that’s a positive development.”  

During the 40-minute dialogue, Mr Lee also said it is in Singapore’s best interests to “maintain national solidarity” and ensure wealth is spread to the disadvantaged here.  

Meritocracy, pragmatism and a clean government will keep Singapore going, he noted.  

Responding to a question on the May General Election, which saw the ruling People’s Action Party’s vote share dip, Mr Lee said it was “bound to happen” as the younger generation wanted to see competition 


Humming … that statement by Mr Lee, I am not so sure is what the younger generation want is to see “competition” as he put it. But I believe is more on issue like equality in society standing as in entry into University, employment, and human right issue. However, I saw some very interesting comments, which I want to share with you here. They are personal view by separate individuals read it with an open mind.  

LoveSingapore wrote: ….

Lee said it was “bound to happen” as the younger generation wanted to see competition.

I think PAP or Mr Lee is still not getting the point. Who will want to vote against a goverment that governs well. There are so many unhappiness in the nation due to existing policies and the current ruling parties choose to ignore this unhappiness or convince the majority nation on these policies benifits.

I do not want competition especially within a goverment.

Situtation left us with no choice. Somethings had to be done or our future nation suffers more.

I hope goverment rule the nation like a country and not like a company 

Marcus wrote: ….dead fishes

I’ll reserve my comments on Iskandar until I see how many dead fishes come floating up. When they talk about special economic zones and shenzhen, I get a little uncomfortable. Suzhou is still too fresh in my memory. Watching the water debacle in Selangor, Singapore needs to watch the ground carefully and make sure we don’t get shafted by local vs federal politicking. 

Confuse’D wrote: ….

Nonsense, religion and supremacy will start. Dont regret, all builds will go the recycle and come out toxic. Its not like new water, it will be a shit. 

–  Mutucurry wrote: ….

“Mr Lee also said it is in Singapore’s best interests to “maintain national solidarity” and ensure wealth is spread to the disadvantaged here.”

That is an obvious which many of us will gladly agreed as a candid rare gem coming from Senior Lee.

But saying it alone is not good enough – the “disadvantage” will be most keen to know how the Government of the day will ensure that wealth are spread. 

At the risk of being ignored,I will nevertheless offer my views that public housing must be made more afforadable – and not tacked to the principle of supply and demand at the mercy of market force.

Those “disadvantage” will never be able to compete with the better off on account of affordability. Health care for the aged and wholesome higher educations for all citizens are areas which the authority can spread wealth equitably. Where transportation cost is concerned, it is timely that Government shift their focus to the needs of citizen away from the coporate earning and profits.

We are not asking for a welfare state. Just formulate your national policies so that we Citizen can live life with self respect and dignity. We must be proud people to make our nation proud.

Certainly I am not teaching the experts to suck eggs. But please we are no suckers too. 

DeadSilence wrote: ….

Mr. Lee will be right if the current prerequisites to the office of Prime Minister is maintained. We will not be that sure if the leadership leaves the hand of the majority ethnic group.

National solidarity requires a common identity among the people. This is diluting too fast with the influx of foreigners “required” to sustain the economy. The maginal sense of belonging is passing over. Meritocracy has to be pure. With too much contaminating elements it is merely a mouth-hung slogan. It is not going to forge any solidarity. On the contrary, it encourages social conflict in search of equality. The same goes for pragmatism if it drift from rationale.  

–  PracitalTalk wrote: …

think there are 3.5millions Singaporean who are intelligent enough to decide if one day Singapore and Malaysia can work something out to put Singapore back into the Malaysia Parliament. This arrangement will benefit Singaporeans on a long term basis since Singapore is desperately looking to expand its population. (BTW, we already have alot of members at very high level in the government that are Malaysians convert to Singaporean…wonder if Ho Ching is a PR or Citizen) ….  

Well well these are just some comments I plug out to share, interesting isn’t it? But of all the comments make, I personally felt “PracitalTalk” comment is worth thinking, as the possibility are high, that a lot of very high level government are Malaysians convert to Singaporeans … The fact that in any history of the world has recorded, the breaking point for a possible merge again with Singapore and Malaysia, is when someone sell out it’s country he rule to the country of his origin … What do you think?


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