Unnecessary conflict due to strange behaviours of maids


Unnecessary conflict due to strange behaviours of maids

I have come across maids that understand Mandarin but pretended to not understand. During my early days of hiring maids, it was a learning process for me as I lived with my mom , I depends on her to coach the maid because she is at home all the time.Pretend not ot understand

At first it was the language problem. She only knows single English words plus a bit of Malay, so we figured that an Indonesia maid would be a better option for our situation.

Unfortunately we employed an Indonesian maid that understood Mandarin but kept it as a secret.

Mom struggle to communicating with her.  She pretend not to understand and escape to do things and when I came back from work at night, mom will tell me about her frustrations and I would try my best to be the translator.

The funny things is, every time when mom talk to me about her in the room, she will seat near the staircase to listen to our conversation instead of going to bed even when it is already her bed time.

The next day before I have talk to her about it, I will find things that my mom complains about being done the exact way mom want it to be; and that gave me no room to talk to her as well as a false impression that my mom was just unreasonable and always like to complain about the maid.   The person that needs counciling is my mom and not the maid.

conflict between mom and daughter

After many such situations, I noticed something was not right.  I started to observe her carefully and noticed that when we talked in Mandarin during dinner, when someone tells a joke, she actually laughs with us. 

After many such tests, we confirmed that she really did understand but just did not want to admit it.  

It is very sad that she did not make good use of her skill in her work but rather used it to create conflict in the family unnecessarily.  If unfortunately you hire such a maid, the only advice I can give you is to believe what your family tells you as family will always stand by each other no-matter what happens.


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