What are the things we cannot assume that our maid knows?


What are the things we cannot assume that our maid knows?

They do not know that they hold the responsibility of safety to your kid. I have a maid who got my daughter’s finger burned by the iron, I asked her what happened and was told that my daughter saw her ironing and was curious, so she went to touch the iron. This was not surprising as all children are curious.  I asked the maid why she didn’t stop her, her reply was because my daughter wanted to touch, so she let her touch. She did not know that it was her job to stop my daughter and ensure that she is not hurt when satisfying her curiosity.

Mop floor

They do not know that they are not supposed to use one bucket of water to mop the whole house as they do not know the real purpose of mopping the floor.  Most of them mop the floor because you want them to mop but they do not know it is because the floor must be clean.

They do not know the sequence of tidying and cleaning.  They should first wipe the painting/picture, clock, then the tables & chairs, paintings… etc before they start to sweep the floor.Cup

They do not know that they should switch off the fan before they sweep the floor or else the dust will fly all over the house.

They do not know that when there is a cover on the cup, the cover also has to be washed together with the cup.  Most of them only wash the cup and simply placing the cover back into the cupboard.  The next time, when they serve you the drink, the un-washed cover will be used to cover your cup.

They do not know that when they clean the house, if they spot an unusual insect in the house, like a termite, they should inform you.

They do not know how to hand wash your clothes.  Back home, my maid used a stick to hit on the clothes.  If you don’t have a stick for her to use, she will not know how to hand wash your clothes.  Please ask her to demonstrate to you first before you let her do it using her metDish washer spongehod.

They do not know when tidying the garden, they should wear a glove to protect themselves.

They do not know how to use the dish washing sponge correctly and which type of sponge to clean what type of utensil.  Usually your non-stick rice cooker will lose its non-stick ability after they wash it.


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