What cruelty can people do to a dog.


This is a true story about a dog name “Little Flower”. She trying to protect his owner assets but was the robbers show such cruelty. The amputated both of his hind legs!!! Little Flower show such strength to live and never give up her life moved many in the neighborhood even touch the news media.
She was still able to walk by using only her two front legs, as if life for her was not bad enough, she also live with fear that one day her owner might abandon her because of her condition. She try to stay close to them.
The family however say they will not abandon her. As they themselves are poor also and could not afford to pay for her medical treatment. They can only use basic medicine to treat her. But Little Flower condition got worst by the days and they know they have to do something. They finally decided to bring her to see the local vet.
Lucky, there are still some kind soul, the vet was very touch by what Little Flower has done for the family, and they decided to give Little Flower free medical treatment.

Whatever happen there after Little Flower treatment, we all wish her well. Karma will fall on those who did such cruelty to a animal.

Check out this video on YouTube:




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  1. Boey KH says:

    Sad isn’t it!!!! what humans will do from robbing the poor and do such cruelty to an animal!!! lots to learn. Thanks for sharing!

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