What do I need to know about my Indonesia maid


What do I need to know about my Indonesia maid

– In a year there are 2 fasting months for Muslim. During the fasting months, you should expect performance to decrease because the work they are doing requires energy.  If they have no food during the day, they won’t have enough energy to work, so this is the down side. 

Some agents may tell you Indonesian maids can apply to not fast for these 2 years, but I understand from my maid that they have to pay back when they go home. If they don’t fast for 2 years, it means that they have to pay back 4 months of fasting and that is really hard.  So in order not to suffer from it, they would prefer to fast, so even if they promise not to fast at the beginning of their employment, when the time comes, they will request for it and it is hard to say no for some employers. Hala food

– Some of them do not want to touch or cook pork. If you are a non-vegetarian, this is a problem.  You basically can’t eat pork for 2 years if she is doing the cooking.  When you bring her out for dinner, you can only eat Halal food, non-Halal restaurants is no longer an option. 

– They do not use toilet paper to wipe after they pass motion, this is their culture.  When they first arrive, their basic hygiene level is very low and your family is at risk of exposure to a diarrhoea attack if they are preparing your meals.

– Their education level is lower. Some of them are so poor that they only have Primary 2 education.  As their highest education level is secondary school, a lot of thing you assume they know, they don’t e.g. to respect the elderly at home, to greet in the morning or before food, the water container has to be washed before refilling fresh water, to wipe the table before sweeping the floor…. etc

Primary school in Indonesia

– They are more willing to learn your langauge.

– They are cheaper to hire, their starting pay is $350

– They are more willing to accept a no off day contract.

– Their cooking style is similar to Chinese cooking.  We get Indonesia food here all the time, so it is not so much of a culture shock to us. 

– If you can speak Malay, the language barrier is lower.


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