What I need to do when my maid is due to go home? ‬


What I need to do when my maid is due to go home?

If she is a high performance employee, usually we will extend their contract to avoid going through the hassle of re-training a new maid.

First we have to check with her if she wishes to continue to work for us.  In order to attack her to stay, we have to increase her pay and give her more benefits to attract her to stay.

When we have no clue what to offer, we will call the agent and seek their advice on what the current market rate is.  After all, we don’t want to over pay her, if not after this extension, we will not be able to afford her anymore.  At the same time we also don’t want to under pay her because she deserves to be paid better for her hard work.

The side effects of extending the contract is:Maid is due to go home

– They usually want to go home for a month, before they continue to work for us.

–  We have to buy two way air tickets for her to go home and come back in.

‪-  Some of them never come back after they return home.

–  We have to keep increasing their salary

–  We have to give them more and better benefits every contract extension.

‪-  We have to live for one month without a maid and we are not able to get a replacement during this period.

‪-  We also risk the change in their working attitude. They tend to make a lot of assumptions and perhaps make decisions on our behalf without our consent.

–  They are not willing to learn more or perhaps accept minimum changes

If we decided to not extend their contract, we have to start looking for a new maid 3 to 2 months before the maid is due to go back.

The side effect is that we have to start from the beginning and re-train the new maid.

Higher cost and more benefits

To hire a whole new maid, the pros are:

–  We don’t have to live without a maid for 1 month

–  We do not have to pay higher salary to the new maid

–  We don’t need to provide extra benefits 

Usually I make the decision based on whether I can live without a maid for one month as I have no problem re-training a new maid. 


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