What the eyes cannot see


What the eyes cannot see – Chapter 1

Cardboard boxes were stacked on top of one another, some even precariously so, against the walls. The wall paper, imprinted with green and red vertical stripes that alternated in width, was beginning to peel. Absentmindedly, I began to scratch at it, peeling it further until I heard a soft cough coming from behind me. Spinning around, I felt my face heat up in embarrassment at being caught. 

“Having fun, aren’t we?” My new landlady, a woman by the name of Mrs. Olivia Manson said as she leaned against the door frame. She was a woman of average height, with shoulder-length blonde hair that ended in a slight curl. Her bangs fell just slightly over her brilliant blue eyes that shone just like an ocean on a summer’s day. Her lips were quirked into a small smile as she stared at me, making me feel rather awkward. 

“Mrs. Manson! Good afternoon,” I said, bowing rather awkwardly to her, “I was just thinking of maybe replacing the wall paper since it’s a bit old.” 

“Oh yes,” Mrs. Manson said as she clapped her hands as if in remembrance of something. “You can change the wallpaper if you’d like. Maybe to something more Oriental if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic.”

 Mrs. Manson continued to gesticulate wildly at the wall while pitching in more ideas on how to make my room a bit more ‘homier’. 

“I shall take all your ideas into consideration Mrs. Manson.” I said, reassuring her as I walked her to the door. “I hope you’ll excuse me, but I have a lot of unpacking to do.” 

Mrs. Manson let out a small chuckle. 

“My dear boy, you are far too polite. Anyway, call me if you find any problem with your room.” Mrs. Manson said, as she began to walk away from my rented room. “Welcome to the building Laurent.” 

“Thank you!” I called after her. Grinning, I reflected upon the day’s events. Moving had been really successful, but it was tiring.

 Outside, by the door of my new room, stood the rest of the cardboard boxes housing my miscellaneous belongings. Deciding to take a nap after I moved them into my room, I walked out into the hallway only to find my cardboard boxes arranged in a strange manner. They all seemed to be arranged around someone. Gingerly removing one of the boxes and peering into the darkness, my eyes met another pair which was wider, bluer, and more innocent. The pair or eyes seemed to narrow in annoyance at the intrusion.


“Do you mind?” the voice of a young girl emitted from within the cardboard fortress. “Auro and I are racing!”

 “…Excuse me?” the question echoed in the confines of the boxes.

 “Me and Auro are racing.”

 “Who are you? Why are you hiding in between my belongings?”

 “I told you, me and Auro are racing!” The girl shouted back indignantly. “And my name is Miya.”

 Finally, the girl stood up. She was probably no older than 12 years old and had blonde, messy hair that was chopped short so that it landed on her neck. She was wearing an orange hoodie with pockets and a face of a bear imprinted on the chest area. In her arms was a brown teddy bear with buttons sewn on for eyes and a bell attached around its neck that jingled whenever it moved. Miya fixed me with a stare before speaking again.

 “Miya Manson.”

Author’s note: Hello! Welcome to the first chapter of ‘What the eyes cannot see’ by Elice, the editor of this blog’s usual posts 🙂 This is pending a rewrite because I think it’s not very good .___.;; But if you think it is nice so far, please leave a comment to tell me ^^

Picture source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bunburyd/3199506149/


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