With passion you will have dream and the desire to achieve your goal in life


With passion you will have dream and the desire to achieve your goal in life

This is a true story I read is about a Master’s degree holder who sent 50 job applications without success. He holds a Master’s degree in Literature, but was unable to find a job, even after sending out 50 resumes.

After graduating with a second class honours at a local university, Adam 34, obtained a Master’s of Arts degree two years ago.

To the man on the street, having higher qualifications would be a golden ticket to a well-paying job, but for Adam, the process of finding a job was an uphill climb.

Adam claimed he was not picky about the job scope and salary, but just hoped to find a decent job with a salary enough to feed and clothe himself.

certificationHe sent out about 50 resumes to government organisations and companies in the private sector, but did not get a single reply.

He said desperation even drove him to apply for management trainee, administrative and librarian positions which do not require someone with a Master’s degree, but to no avail.

“When I finally got an interview opportunity, the manager told me frankly that I was overqualified and they were actually looking to hire a degree-holder,” said Adam.

“He even very kindly discussed my career options with me.”

Adam believes he had difficulty finding employment because of his specialisation, which is “hard to market”.

“While I was studying for my Master’s degree, I went to an employment fair. When the representative from a statutory board realised I was doing Literature, he immediately lost interest and told me to apply for a teaching position at the Ministry of Education instead.”

The way i look at this, Adam case is not just an isolated case here, in fact, this will be the journey for most young people in Singapore. The country want a well educated society and they push, pressure and try to mole every individual according to their chart. master degree

Most will never be able to engage in them course of studies they have interest in, they will just follow the system. It is the same system as the Philippine, they producer the most graduates and MBA holders in the world, but yet many will never find jobs in their own country, as the demand and supply can not match. Instead, they are being send out as cheap labor to the world.

Enclosed are some interesting comments to Adam case …

Will Wilkins: … It’s all very good to blame employers but it will get this unfortunate chap nowhere. He should go overseas instead.

Edmond Er: … I have a friend who has a 2nd upper in psychology from NTU doing a $7 per hour job now, after months of job hunting

Bea Wong: … But according to basic economics, the economy doesn’t need people who can quote the driving comedy or discuss the irony in Shakespeare plays. Maybe a few, but not that many.

Pey Chin Hwee: … What a Literature grad can do in SG, teacher, book writer?

Marcia: … We constantly tell our kids to study things that are easy to score in, and then turn around and wonder why they don’t like to read, why we still don’t have a distinct national identity. There is no place in this society for literature.

Ivan Teo: … He can be a hawker, which is going to upgrade to “professional” soon.

Singaproe hawker

Dewey Lim: … who the hell study literature these days.. until master somemore.. waste $$$

Felicia Westie Chang: … I did my MBA. After completing, my boss told me to go as I’m a threat so I left. Then I got into another job, I had no issues till my new boss came in & told me I’m over qualified so I left. I landed in the 3rd job & I got retrenched becoz the new management decided MBA holders are not needed. I regreted upgrading, the knowledge did help me alot but the cert became a threat to many.

Satsugai Se-o: … Advanced degree and degrees is used for “critical thinking” what skills you pick up in your study actually apply in your job. Our NUS Engineering teach you outdated stuff that industry does not use. But still you go and use your knowledge and thinking ability to do the job.

I agreed with Satsugai Se-o on his comment. Yes in school we studies  mathematics  the SIN, the COS, the LOG and the DY. one of the most boring subject in school. But in reality do we use them when we are out from school and for work? The answer is no, but it is just one factor to train and develop our brain to think with or without logic.

To sum it up, acquiring basic education is a must, but most importantly one must have passion and with passion you will have dream and the desire to achieve your goal in life, most time your passion do not require you to achieve higher education then you actually need to. Look at Bill Gate, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and Anthony “Tony” Robbins they all have just a basic education, but they believe in their passion and they are somebody today.

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